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you're a weird one, mr. fisk

You just can't win with some people.

After a year of proclaiming that the war on Iraq was just a distraction from the "failed" war on al-Qaeda, Robert Fisk cannot be pacified.

Even with the capture of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, alleged mastermind of the September 11 attacks, Fisk remains steadfast in his refusal to enter reality.

In the theatre of the absurd into which America's hunt for Al Qaeda so often descends, the "arrest" - the quotation marks are all too necessary - of Khaled Shaikh Mohammed is nearer the Gilbert and Sullivan end of the repertory.

In normal-speak, that means he thinks the capture of Khalid is a hoax.

I kid you not.

By this stage, it looked like a case of the "whoops" school of journalism: a good story that just might be totally untrue.

Either the man is a bitter basket case who would refuse to give any credit to the Bush administration, even if bin Laden himself was paraded through town in a jail cell on wheels, or he just believes his own lies.

Of course, it may all turn out to be true. We may be provided with the proof the Taliban demand. Or Mohammed may be kept in Pakistani custody until another "mastermind" can be found.

Or it may just be that reports of the "arrest" of the likes of Mohammed is useful to Pakistan's Pervez Musharraf when he's just angered the Americans by criticizing any U.S. military attack on Iraq, or when Pakistan's new regional government in the North West Frontier province has just instituted Taliban-style laws in Peshawar.

There's always a hidden agenda, a conspiracy, a cover-up.

I see Mr. Fisk is writing for the Toronto Star now. Don't they sell tin foil in the supermarkets up in the Great White North? Someone go make this man a tinfoil hat, quick, before his brain explodes from the alien signals he's receiving.


Fisk really sounds like he needs to be beat up again.

Oh, and for a good slam on the Star, check this out.

He's just bitter because he thinks it's really Ron Jeremy in a wife beater and he's afraid his P0rn0 of the Month subscription is in jeopardy.

I hit Lucieanne.com earlier with these ccomments:

I know it's early, but this has to the win of this years 'Incoherence Leavened With Hysteria' award.


Don't forget, Robert Fisk's motto is:

''Masochists of the World, Unite! You Have Nothing To Gain But Your Chains!''

Imperial Falconer

How many times do you get to be wrong before you cease to become an expert on the Islamic world?

The Bush administration can never do anything right, and will never get anything right until they make Robert Fisk Secretary of State, Noam Chomsky head of Central Intelligence, and give Ramsey Clark his job back as Attorney General.

For demeaning G&S, I believe that Fisk should be a contestant on the most disgusting Fear Factor episode ever.