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TROOPtrax update

If you haven't been over to the Operation TROOPtrax site, I would just like to announce that donations have - in just over three days - exceeded $2,000.00.

Thank you to everyone who helped get the word out. The project has become bigger than I imagined it would and I'm struggling to keep up with it, but I promise to everyone who donated and lent their support that this will be a success.

I would just like to take a moment to say to those who have sent negative emails - you do not have to support the war to support the troops.

Also, I am one person - albeit with a lot of virtual help - handling this project. I am not an organization, a corporation or a group of one hundred volunteers sitting in a room somewhere devoting their entire day to this. I am doing what I can to make this work and unless you want to get your ass over here and help me out, kindly shut up about how I am working this.

Thank you to those who have been supportive, you have been many.


You are doing fine.
Ride the wave.
We will all help you as best we can.

Michele, thanks for ALL you are doing. I think this is a most wonderful endeavor.

Don't let the bastards out there cause you distress, Michele. You ARE doing a great job and it IS appreciated.

Mean-spirited people invariably pop up to criticize the altruistic actions of others. In this case, especially, they are far fewer in number than those who admire and support what you are trying to accomplish.

Ronin is right. This is an excellent, generoous thing you are doing, admirable in every way.