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i love the smell of bribery in the morning

It's Anti-Bloggies time again.

Now, before you get your panties in a bunch and remind of how I swore of blogging awards and that whole fiasco back in January, take a look at the Anti-Bloggies page.
You don't just win these awards. Bribery and underhandedness are encouraged. Any nastiness or backstabbing is done for the mere sport of it. I should know, I won one of these coveted awards last year. Yes, I was named Best Heterosexual Blog. Go ahead, laugh. I begged, pleaded and promised oral sex to every single blogger out there to win that title. The irony is that I also promised many women I would sleep with them. Or at least feel them up.

The fine print on the site reads:

The Anti-Bloggies are basically another B.S. awards ceremony. Getting one won’t make you cool or get you dates. If it does, let us know. Not that we’d believe you. We have our own problems to worry about, and somehow, you just aren’t figuring into them. Funny that.

The categories look to be the same as last year, although it is perfectly acceptable to make up a category that you think you have a good chance of winning and email Davezilla or Leia asking them (bribing them) to include the category. It says so in the rules.

I think it's pretty obvious which title I should win this year and it's already up there: BIGGEST WHINER AFTER BEING DE-LINKED. Seriously, who else could possibly beat me in this category?

I think I'll sponsor the Most Depressing Blog prize, if I can name it after Juan Gato.
Anyhow, go have a look. Remember kids, it's all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out. And then it's just hilarious.


I think you should get most updated, as well!

I think LGF could put up a fight for "Biggest Whiner...", although Charles himself didn't do most of that whining so you'd easily win.

You certainly deserve the "whiner" prize - I linked to you just to show up the people who people who delinked you (of course, I am hooked now) - LOL.

I won an anti-bloggie last year for "Most Distracting Background Image" - and didn't know I'd been nominated or won until I saw a bunch of hits from the antibloggies page in my stats! I never even found out who didn't like my background. Hmph.

The promised oral sex has never been paid, BTW.

... nor did any of the promised pictures of breasteses (complete with full nipple exposure) arrive in the mail.

Kim, perhaps the Mrs. got to it before you did.