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Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is not looking too well

see related poll below

AP photo from cnn.com


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I think Ron Jeremy should play him when they make the movie.

My heart bleeds for this poor, suffering human being. How much longer until the engineers finish building the Judas Cradle for him?

Hmmph. Guy looks like a Philadelphia cab driver...

He looks like Gene Shalit after a three-day bender.

What exactly does it mean when they say "appropriate pressure is being applied" but that they have no intention of using torture???

I'm getting mixed messages here!

Dammit, somebody beat me to the Hedgehog crack....

" Damn.... Man ! " "My heads been up that damn camels ass of mine for so long I could've swore it was Bin Ladin's...same size and smell... hmm maybe?

I believe that there is Torture with a capital T, and "torture" in quotes. I suspect that they are using "torture" in quotes.

What does that look like? Perfectly healthy and wholesome but completely bland and tasteless food. Uncomfortable bed. Annoying music. Lack of entertainment. Ugly colors on the walls (hideous orange, for example).

There are all sorts of techniques you can use which are not in the least bit violent or inhuman.

Indeed, you could make the argument that physical torture is ineffective, because it either increases the subject's willpower, or makes him say whatever he thinks you want to hear so you'll stop.

Not that I care what they do to this hideous monster. I'm just answering the question.

Wow. What a pic. Somebody flick a match and watch him go up.

Just goes to show that one shouldn't get dressed in a hurry - he's wearing a sweater under that pyjama top.

He's hot, he's sexy, he's DEAD!!!!!

In the end..he looks like any ordinary Joe, and he will break like an ordinary Joe..he alraeady has. We give far too much credit where none is due, these 'boys' have a whole slew of countries to play in..all you have to want to do is serve somebody over there and voila, the likes of a Bin Laden or a Sadam Hussein will pay you to join their game. Put any one of them in the real world..and they fail miserably. I bet he broke before they could even say 'torture.'