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teddy boy

I watched the repeat of the Bill Maher show last night. Unfortunately, I was not able to call in to the live show Friday night to speak to Ted Rall as planned, as something came up.

My take on the show: Ted Rall is nothing more than a petulant baby who fell into a coma on September 10, 2001 and still lives in the days when "Bush stole the election" was the biggest thing lefties were talking about.

Also, I don't know how he managed to find 70 women to sleep with him, unless he hooked up with a sorority from the School for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind. And I don't mean dumb in the non-speaking sense.

As for the show itself, I switched to Sportschannel at some point, where Don King was making no sense whatsover but was infinitely more intriguing than Bill Maher and his nasty, bitter commentary.

I will not be tuning in when Rall appears on the show again this Friday. I have done nothing so horrid in my life that warrants that kind of torture.


Necrophilia, maybe? You don't see the ladies in question clamoring to reap in the limelight of being ID'd as one of Teddy's babes.

Sounds like it could be a Who lyric:

"Those deaf, dumb and blind chicks slept with a mean Ted Rall..."

Go ahead and sing it... I know you want to!

[clap, clap, clap]

I nominate BarCodeKing for best rimshot of the week. What do you say, people? :-)

I'm singing!

Great shot, BCK!

Ted Rall is a joke. Bill Maher, if I saw him walking down the street (which I did once, way back when I wasn't interested in the what was going on in the world), I would give him a piece of my mind.
Just 2 more blind NYC liberals.

I don't have HBO, but I am on the hunt for a bootleg.

I just finished watching the show and knew that Michele would stop at nothing to watch it as well. It's the first I'd heard of Ted Rall outside of this site. As a middle-left leaner former Republican, I have to shake my head at poor Mr. Rall. He's the worst kind of liberal. Why? Because he ruins the good things liberals have to say with his mewling, condescending, off-topic rants. His whole "But Bush stole the election" bit was worthless and discounted anything else he could have said. People from both sides have serious issues with how our government is attempting to disarm Saddam that have nothing to do with the 2000 election, communists, SUVs, the environment or the price of oil. Bringing up things that aren't relevant to the argument at hand weaken any valid position you may have. Ted Rall seems to have nothing but irrelevant arguments. I don't know what we should do with him other than ignore him. If enough people start laughing at him, he'll eventually just go away.

Bullshit! It's very relevant you dumb fucks. Little Napoleon is fucking up the world and he has no business being in that role.