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more fun with reality shows

Kim offers asylum to Saddam

North Korean leader Kim Jong II has offered political asylum to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, according to a front page story in Sunday's South China Morning Post.

Yet another grand idea for a reality tv show: Who Wants To Run A Country?

Kim and Saddam can duke it out for the rights to run North Korea. Each week, they would compete in events such as the Starvation Challenge, where the contestants do a body count to see who has starved the most children; the Torture Chamber Show and Tell, a contest judged by al-Quaeda members, to see which dictator has the most state-of-the-art torture equipment; and Propaganda Pictionary, where citizens race against the clock to figure out which propaganda cliche each dictator is illustrating.

I think I have a future in reality show programming.


If I'm Saddam, I'm thinking France.

I'd pay a dollar for that!

(And yes, you do have a future as a reality programming producer.)

Iron Chef, battle of the dictators.

How about The Yamamoto Moment?
Well-know dictators and despots are ambushed and blown out of the sky by squadrons of US FA-18s (Go Navy!) as they attempt to sneak off to safe havens in sunny climes.


Poor Admiral Yamamoto doesn't deserve being lumped in with Kim and Saddam. Obviously, we were right to take him out when we had the chance, but like many senior Japanese naval officers he had been opposed to attacking the US because he knew it would mean Japan being totally ruined. That, and he personally really liked America after studying at Hahvahd (obviously things were different there back then). The army faction won out over the navy faction, and Yamamoto regretfully did what he saw as his duty. I'm not giving him the benefit of the Nuremberg Defense (just foillowing orders), merely saying that he wasn't a bloodthirsty maniac comparable to these two.