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i'll tumble 4 u

This design came to me a in a dream last night.

In the midst of the bombs and fire that have haunted my dreams for 30 years now (so please don't blame it on my watching too many news channels), there are usually dreams that take place within the dreams.

In this one, I was sitting on the filthy wooden porch of a vacant house, watching the sky explode. I was sitting in a rocker and I thought of Mother Abigail from The Stand. I closed my eyes and fell asleep in the rocker, dreaming of armageddon and good v. evil.

I always know when I'm dreaming and can wake myself up, but when I'm stuck in a dream within a dream, it's harder to push out of. It takes actual physical energy.

I decided to let this one play out instead of fighting it. Sometimes my armageddon dreams can be more interesting than frightening. Two minutes into this one, I had the oft-repeated scenario of trying to blog about something but not being able to find a computer that was working.

I finally came across a laptop in an old saloon, where cowboys were fighting it out over a piece of raw meat. I turned the laptop on and immediately went to my site, where I saw this design. One of the cowboys came over and said "Oh, we did that for you, because of the breakdancing thing."

At that, the barmaid turned on the jukebox and Culture Club's I'll Tumble 4 U came on. The cowboys and the barmaid all started breakdancing. I stood on a table, cheering them on, drink in hand. I was soon joined by a reverend who told me to look out the window.

Outside there were tumbleweeds and dried grass where just before there were trees and a pond. Walking through the grass were three women, arm in arm, singing out loud. I don't know what they were singing, but they each had a ring of flowers around their head and were wearing nothing.

A small plane made its way towards the women, nose diving from out of a cloud. A flash, some noise and when the dust cleared the women were dead.

Serves them right, the reverend said, and we went back to watching the breakdancing contest.

Finally, I had enough and pushed my way out of that dream, back into Mother Abigail's rocker and finally into daylight.

And then I redesigned the site.


You are very weird, in a good way.

hmmm. cowboys are pretty clever ... when they wanna be.

I've always tried to be brave
but Daayum woman you're

Inspired Michele

Two parts insanity
One part Tequila
+ Salt, Lime, or Sangrita

Mix well, lick, drink, suck... post.

Repeat as necessary.