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morning links*

Lots of stuff going on in my head today. Damn dreams awaken every single thought that had been dormant. Sometimes I wish those thoughts would stay under whatever piece of grey matter is hiding them.

Before I get on with purging myself of those nightmares of rockets and flames and destruction, I have a few links to pass along.

John of Blogs of War attended the Houston Rally for America yesterday. He's got pictures, a nice account of the event and links to other articles about as well as other cities that will host similar events.

Dean has post about Afghan recovery, which is a sore point with me. So many people suggest that we left the people of Afghanistan high and dry without really looking into it. Recovery takes a long time. Did they expect that one year later Afghanistan would look like Florida? Anyhow, read Dean's post as well as the article he links to.

Arthur takes on Michael Savage as only Arthur can do. Go read.

Why am I getting a "Page cannot be displayed" error when I go to Vodka Pundit?



Not sure, but they are in the process of (physically) moving one of the HostMatters servers. If he's on that server, that would explain it.

He's on Themis, not Callisto. Doofus let his domain expire.

Thanks, Sekimori!
I began to suspect something of the sort when it didn't come back by yesterday evening.