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February stats are in and I just wanted to thank everyone for coming around so often.


You all rock the hizzouse. Yo.


I'm about 175,000 hits away from a million since April of 2002.

You got it in one month.

I'm so damned depressed.

Yeah. What Vinny said.

Seriously, though, if it weren't good, we wouldn't be coming back. Congratulations, and keep up the good work!

You consistantly post great stuff, so we have to keep coming back to see what every new post may bring. I knew I blogrolled you for a reason. :)

Like mtpolitics said keep up the great work, you have an awesome site and your doing a kick ass job.

I got about half that in February. You suck.


Hey... I got 400 visitors in February!...

of course, most of them were me screwing with the site...

I mentally masturbate in public and no one looks... kewl