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put down that drumstick!

So, are we supposed to boycott turkey sandwiches now?

for the sense of humor impaired, that's a joke


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Save the money we were going to give Turkey for a birthday present for an independent Kurdistan.

One should think, when so many people and politicians from so many different countries vote against this war how it looks to become, there could be something wrong with what Bush plans, no? I wish, many of you would at least start to allow this thought come up.

The headline on that page NOW says that they're gonna vote again. The smell of all that money that they could get must be driving them wild..

Lilli: The number of people who are wrong has nothing to do with how wrong they are. Tyrants have been with with us since day-one because large numbers of people are willing to allow it.

Tee hee hee!

Shore wood bee nice if they taught critical thinking in all schools, Lilli.
"Its rite beecaws everyone says sew" is an arguement with a long history, unsullied by success.

turk sandwiches are ok, tho.

broiled in sherry. mmmm. gamey.

Nope, still going to eat turkey sandwiches and have turkey for Thanksgiving just like I am still going to have windows in the walls of my home.

I'm gonna go put "Lawrence of Arabia" in the DVD player and try to figure out who to root for.

Leaving off whether the Bush policy on war with Iraq is right or not, somehow the Bush administration has turned the massive international support for the US just after 9/11 into us becoming an international pariah. The only support the US position has is from UK PM Tony Blair (and a recent House of Commons vote there shows his support is not strong), Australian PM John Howard (who said he doesn't care that there were huge anti war protests in Australia), plus Spain and one or two other countries.

How could Bush, Powell, et al destroy such massive international support - to the point where a number of countries who have been our traditional allies for many years (France supported the US in the US War of Independance) are not just "not supporting" us, but actively opposing our stance?

And now the vote in Turkey will appear as if the US government has failed in a crude attempt to buy international support (as it also appears UN Security Council matters are moving).

We dont really need any other country's support to crush Iraq. Even if everyone else opposes us, we can still invade the country, depose Saddam, and instill a government supportive of us. But what goes around, comes around. Maybe one day in the future, we will need the support of the UN, Europe, or the wider international community. Someone has a lot of fences to mend.

A gentle reminder to history: Actions have consequences, to wit --
some good, some bad and some unintended.

Ken, I think you should be telling the Turks, Germans and French about that going around, coming around thing...

With Total/Fina/elf cut off from the Iraqi oil, they are going to have to pay double on the spot market to provide crude to fulfill the contracts already signed... look for a large rise in fuel prices in Germance

With Germany under tighter scrutiny their little technology and chemical supply deals with tinpot dictators will be exposed because our intelligence services will no longer have a reason to keep their secrets...Liability follows knowledge so investment dollars will run away...

Turkey will fold like a cheap tent when the market opens tomorrow and their stock exchange plummets... we will use their ports to stage to our bases... and the pipelines that provide Turkey's oil run through Kurdistan

The international support for the United States was never there, so nothing has been squandered. The Weasel's sleazy deals were exposed too early (for them) and I hope to see politicians, as well as businessmen, from France and Germany in the docks at the ICC for crimes against humanity. Fat Chance but a man has to have dreams