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mark your calendars

Saturday, March 15 is International Eat an Animal for PETA Day.

Started by the blogosphere's own Meryl Yourish, this is a counter-attack the stupidity of recent PETA missions. One good outrageous publicity stunt deserves another.

My Photoshop fingers are getting itchy. I think I'll make some posters for Meryl and the cause.

Me, I'm looking at a breakfast on March 15 that includes sausage and bacon, a lunch menu involving pepperoni and ham, and dinner at a nice steakhouse. Sure, it will be a high fat, high calorie day. But there isn't anything I wouldn't do for a cause I believe in.

And I believe that animals taste good.

Check out Meryl's post for some ways to enjoy the day and spread the word.


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Wasn't it the founder of PETA that coined the phrase 'Beware the ides of March'

Hey I just had shrimp. I musta beat YOUR number of animals per day by dozens.

PETA has been on my mind all week. We were in Paris on vacation last week and there was this ad that I'm sure would drive PETA insane. It was for Printemps department store, I think -- it was this lady with a dog on a leash and the dog was basically just hanging by the leash in the air. Is it wrong that I laughed? I will proudly eat an animal on March 15. Maybe one of those fucking pardoned turkeys they complained about.

If you're not supposed to eat animals, then why are they made of meat?

I find it interesting that you can say this:

"But there isn't anything I wouldn't do for a cause I believe in."

...while criticizing Sheryl Crow thusly:

"Somehow, I doubt she will be entertaining the troops in Iraq once the war starts. So why Clinton, why Bosnia? Why not now?"

Who are you to tell her what causes she should believe in, or how she should -- or shouldn't -- support her causes?

Regardless, you might brush up on your history. I don't know if you have any idea what happened in Bosnia, and why, and who was doing what to whom... but if you can't understand why someone (Crow) who objected to say, the Serbian seige of Sarajevo, might also object to the U.S. bombing Baghdad, I can recommend some books that might help.

That said, I think you'll appreciate something my boss said one day when I brought a salad to work for lunch.

He says: What's in the bag?

"Food," I reply.

"What kind of food?" boss asks.

"Just a salad from next door..."

"SALAD -- That's not food, that's what food eats!"

Lighten up, Isaac.

This post is tinged with humor.

If you have trouble understanding the concept, I can recommend some books that might help.

Ya know, my ancestors have not chewed them to the top of the food-chain for me eating mostly salad and other green stuff nowadays! I'll eat an animal and give some of it to my nearly two year old wondergirl. Maybe we'll start with a breakfast with a good german sausage and ham, then have some pig-stuff for lunch and grill a chicken in the evening. Yes - something like this will happen.

I have a rather significant amount of venison in the freezer. I know what's on the menu on the 15th.

I eat dead animals every day so the 15th will be no different.

That's one of the advantages of having most of your ancestors come from arctic climes... they had to thrive on eating only dead animals all winter so the fats don't bother us as much.

Now I have to go burn some ground up dead cow, smother it with some cheddar spoiled cream, put a couple slices of dead pig belly on top (fried crisp of course) and slap the whole thing between two slices of sour rye bread.

... bacon cheeseburger... hmmmm...

i think it's too late to get any good venison. rabbit ravioli, anyone?


The wisdom of Beavis & Butthead endures, does it not?

Why not maximize the impact.

A different animal per meal/snack?

Breakfast: Pig Bacon/Sausage

Lunch: Chicken/Turkey

Dinner: Mutton/Lamb

Desert: Horse! Jello Also includes beef, pig, sheep, etc.

snacks: Something unusual. Such as something from here:


bon appetit

This reminds me of an exchange I read of years ago. Two men, over breakfast, argued over one's level of commitment to an enterprise. One said "I'm involved, but not committed." The other asked what's the difference? The first said, "See this bacon and eggs breakfast? The chicken was involved, but the pig, he was committed."

I want animals committed to my meals.

Ah, why take out on the animals PETA's ill-advised publicity stunts and campaigns?

because they are made of meat.

This is great!

Meryl has my full cooperation and support!

Dissin PETA, raw meat, and open flames...just how DOES it get much better?

More importantly, that's my BIRTHDAY!!! I shall be happy to consume meat on that day!

Hwy we both shall be at the East coast bloggers thingymagig... Lets request a MAJOR breakfast in advance.. Could be fun.