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mastermind of death

So what do you suppose we do with this guy, the alleged mastermind of 9/11/?

One U.S. official has called Mohammed the Forrest Gump of al Qaeda because of all the attacks to which he's connected. Gump was a movie character who found himself at the center of many key moments in modern U.S. history.

This vile man, who graduated from an American college, was also involved in:

*A Philippines-based plot to blow up 12 U.S.-bound commercial airliners in one day

*The bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.

*The truck bombing of a synagogue in Tunisia last April.

Sorry for being politically incorrect, but even death is too good for this man. A few rounds of torture isn't even enough.

However, this is a gentle slap on the head to the people who insist we stopped looking for al-Quaeda members in order to concentrate on Iraq.

Fooled ya!


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A good bitch slapping from the Furies would be a fine start.

When some of the German War Criminals demanded that they be executed in military fashion via firing squad the judges told them they didn't deserve the honor. The were hanged like common murderers. This fucknozzle killed a lot of Kenyans. Maybe he should be denied the propaganda opportunity presented by a US prison and execution and just handed over to Kenya. He can rot in one of their charming jails until they hang'em and throw his body to the hogs or whatever they do.

I believe the term is extradite.

Maybe, this is a good sign. Saddam is destroying banned missles (perhaps someone might point out to China, France, and Russia that if they were banned, how come, they are there to be destroyed?)

So, maybe, just maybe the 150,000 troops (with their favorite battle CDs), five aircraft carriers, etc. can all coming marching home. (I know aircraft czarriers don't march; they cruise.)

And, our President can point to this capture as success in the War against Terrorism. America needs something positive after Columbia.

Then everybody can be happy again except the American taxapyes when we get the bill for the Middle East trip.

I suggest breaking him on the rack. I'd love to do it myself but Canada did sign on to the International Criminal Court convention so I guess a third party should take care of this.

Steve, that third party can be us. We didn't sign onto the ICC, and we are under absolutely no obligation to them. And we have the death penalty.

BTW - the WTC attack was an act of war, and targetted civilians specifically. Therefore, we are under no obligation to bring the son of a bitch to court or put him in POW camp. We have every right to kill him outright (I make no judgement about whether we should, that's a pragmatic decision, but personally I would like to see the goatfucker swinging from a rope).

put him through due process. I'm fine with extradition or a trial. He's wanted and according to our principles, not guilty (yet). If proven guilty, proper punishment will be forthcoming.

Or extradite and avoid having to deal with it

Do the following, in order:
  • Skin him alive.
  • Salt him.
  • Scrub the salt off, with rubbing alcohol and a Brillo™ pad.
  • Burn the alcohol off.
  • Feed what's left to the pigs.
  • I like the Soviet idea of burying Muslin terrorists in pig skin. In this case, however, I would bury him ALIVE in pig skin.

    I like my justice poetic, so I'd keep him locked up nice and tight until the new Trade Center is built and then throw him off the top.

    Take him down to the kennel and sic the dogs on him. Then we'll know what he knows and what he don't know.

    Wouldn't be listening to an amercian lawyer who tries to explain everything with hisbad childhood nearly be punishment enough?

    He's nothing but a low-down, double-dealing, backstabbing, larcenous perverted worm! Hanging's too good for him. Burning's too good for him! He should be torn into little bitsy pieces and buried alive!

    And, Let the bodies hit the floor

    Dave, it's war, not a criminal matter. "Due process" is not required. And at the risk of repeating myself, the "rules of war" apply only to those who respect the "rules of war". The rest may be killed outright.

    Before we shoot him, he should have to find out what vital portions of his anatomy taste like.

    Skin him alive, one square inch at a time.

    After one peeled patch heals, do the next, then the next until all his body is one big scar.

    No pain killers but lots of antiseptics. Merthiolate, rubbing alcohol or cheap whiskey ought to do the job, we wouldn't want him to get an infection.

    i vaguely remember a case a few years ago, i think it might have been in pakistan, where a man was found guilty of killing about a hundred children. his sentence was to be cut unto a hundred pieces and dropped into a vat of acid. i could work with that. or maybe just the acid part.

    There are a lot of things we could do with him. Throw him into a dark pit and throw him some bread and water, make a pie out of him and feed him to his compatriots – throwing him off the new WTC buildings is a good idea, but we have to set him on fire before pushing him off.

    Whatever we do, we should probably not interrogate him. These guys live to lie, and he’ll probably say something that will result in another one of those orange alerts. We should just find his computer and analyze the data found on it. In these al Qaeda cases, the data on the silicon chips is valuable, but the carbon units should be disposed of immediately.

    Nah, interrogate his ass at Gitmo, military tribunal and a necktie party after morning prayers at dawn. Right in front of his assembled buddies there.

    I'm against the Death Penalty, except in exceptional circumstances. OK, he qualifies, but I still wouldn't impose it on him. Start by removing the honourific "him". Henceforth, the subject is an "it".

    Take it to Guantanamo Bay. Let the professional interrogators work on it. Not torturers - who are rank amateurs and just as often get what the victim thinks he wants the interrogator to hear, as the truth. No, the people who are good at extracting information while remaining within the laws of common humanity, and the UN convention against torture.

    Keep it there, healthy in body. After it's been sucked dry, it'll be the latest new experimental subject for trying out various novel methods of non-destructive interrogation and behaviour modification. It could be good for decades, if treated carefully. And it would be, very carefully indeed. We want it to fully appreciate the whole experience.

    It's an unlawful combatant. By breaking the "rules of war", it has became, quite literally, an Outlaw, someone - no, something - beyond the normal protections. There is no law against it's immediate disembowelment, etc. (apart from perhaps some cruelty-to-animals statutes) But if we aren't to become the thing we're fighting against, flaying alive etc is right out. Not for its good, but for our own.

    This is what awaits the subject. It's happening to many of the residents at Guantanamo now, to a greater or lesser degree. But this one will get the full treatment. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

    I still say the rack. His screaming would be an opera to my ears and his bones breaking would be the percussion. Consider it my apology for all the anti-Americanisms that have been coming out of Canada since September 11. Some of us up here still love the United States and love Americans as brothers and sisters, if not cousins.

    We probably should interrogate him - they must know by now how to get some useful information out of these pathological liars.

    Someone once commented that they'd had a dream of using Bin Laden's head for the kickoff at the Superbowl. That sounded like a nice dream. Maybe we could use this guy's head instead...

    Someone mentioned this to me some time ago, and of course, I'd never advocate anything of the sort, and consider it utterly horrific...

    It would be helpful to know what he knows. A small room, a chair, and a large soldering iron. Insert the soldering iron via the back door, sans lubricant. Begin questioning. At refusal to answer, plug soldering iron into wall socket. When answers start coming, unplug soldering iron. Repeat as necessary. Upon reaching a point where either all pertinent information has been gleaned, or the technique has got him blubbering just about anything to make it stop, and the information is considered worthless, plug in the soldering iron, and leave.

    This is an easy one. It has been reported that this particular worthy gentleman has been implicated in terrorist activities in the fun-loving Phillipines. Obviously, his interrogation were best conducted in that allied nation, whose operatives, it is said, have their ways.

    We could let Dr. Ivana Kutchirkakov circumcise him, Russian style.

    Riyadh delenda est!