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nothing to see here

How nice of them to destroy missiles they claimed not to have.

When are they going to destroy all the other non-existent weapons they claim not to have?

Color me totally not impressed.


>>When are they going to destroy all the other non-existent weapons they claim not to have?

Are these are the same non-existent missiles they were going to use to nuke us with non-existent nukes when we attack?

GAWD, this is confusing.

I'm hoping that Saddam goes into exile and gets his own TeeVee game show. He's an expert. He has played most of the world and the UN like a cheap fiddle.

The sad thing is, that these people have bought his performance.

I couldn't have said it better Wallace. It's nice to seem some people on the web with reasoning skills as opposed to illogical and shallow arguments.


You said it. I loved listening to media types rant that there was no proof Saddam was building nukes and chemical weapons, then turn around and say our troops would be fighting in a quagmire of dirty bombs and nerve agents.

Just like the non-existent chemical weapons they're theatening the Kurds with.

Thats almost as bad as the Existing UN resolution we claim to have been enforcing these past twelve years...

You make two mistakes here:

1.) You're linking to a story about Turkey, not about Iraq and their missiles. Here's a link to a story which discuss the subject you were blogging about.

2.) The Iraqis never claimed not to have these al-Samoud missiles -- they've been public knowledge for years.

The real news here is that Iraq is voluntarily destroying weapons that according to the terms of the Gulf War cease fire / U.N. Resoultion 1441 they were allowed to have because they are not anything special. These are not missiles that can be used to attack other countries -- not unless you drove them right to the border first.

HOWEVER, it was recently discovered that if you take the explosives and guidance systems out of an al-Samoud II missile, and launch it anyway, the reduced payload weight allows the missle to travel beyond the 150 kilometer limit which all Iraqi missiles are required to stay under.

As a result, the U.N. ordered Iraq to being chopping up these missiles. Today was the deadline. And guess what... they're doing it. What are you complaining about?

These weren't illegal missiles. These are not nuclear missiles, or chemical weapons -- they're not Weapons of Mass Destruction.
They were explicitly not prohibited by the Gulf War cease fire, and they've not been hidden away any more secretly than any country secures expensive weapons systems.

That Iraq is destroying these missiles after being asked by the U.N. Security Council to do so... even though they (rather understandably) expect that the U.S. is about to invade their country... is a remarkable thing, for which that country deserves credit, not reprobation.

So how about you get your facts straight before you keep talking out of your arse... because your saying "Oooh Oooh Look! We caught them with their hand in the cookie jar!" is like criticizing your kid for eating pizza after you told her not to eat hot dogs.

Regardless, good luck with TROOPtrax -- that's a great idea.

I'm glad, Isaac put it so good, before I read it because he's perfectly right. Saddam said, his missiles won't go over the allowed distance and UN and US say, they will. So, Saddam lets destroy them. I, too, can't see a point to complain about right here.

Read this and see just how far they can go. The fat Samouds can have a second engine and go much further, far enough to bomb Israel.

well let's see they detroyed the imaginary missiles
kinda odd

just like saddam suddenly seeming to speak english during the Rather interview

just like him announing Iraq did not lose the gulf war

just like saddam suddenly
annointing himself a good kind leader speaking for the people of Iraq who he loves so dearly

yes loves to murder them
torture them
torment them

i'm so sick of this jerk
i feel like going over there
and blowing him away myself