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33 and some basketball memories

Patrick is number one. In my opinion he is the best center in team history. When his number is retired it means that I'm no longer on the first team: Willis Reed
(photo from the official site of the New York Knicks)

The only good thing about the Knicks in recent history.

Back in the day I was a huge NCAA basketball fan. I went to St. John's University at the height of the Redmen' success. Top ten, final four, attending classes with Chris Mullen and Walter Berry.

I worked in the Sports Information Department of the University at the time and I was able to bask in the glory of having a winning college basketball team as if I were a part of it.

As a loyal Redman fan, I hated the Georgetown Hoyas and their star, Patrick Ewing.

Of course, when the Knicks drafted Ewing later on, I had to let that sense of rivalry-induced hatred go. All those nights of making faces at Ewing while he was on the foul line, of taunting and jeering him from the rafters of Alumni hall - I had to forget all that and cheer him.

Ewing made it easy to turn those boos into cheers. I found him to be likeable and of course he was a pleasure to watch. Eventuallly he became the only thing about the Knicks that was worth watching.

I gave up on the NBA long ago. I haven't watched a game in ages, though I still follow the Knicks through the sports pages. Mostly I look to see how the team I used to love turned into the goons of the leauge - a nasty, selfish team that deserves its bad-boy image.

I still follow college hoops to an extent. I love March Madness, with the constant parade of hopeful Cinderella teams playing weekday afternoon basketball. I watch the games and look back fondly on the evenings spent throwing paper cups at North Carolina players, even though one of the stars of the great Tarheels team was a high school classmate of mine. I still have a small black spot in my heart for Duke and a soft spot for Seton Hall.

I prefer to remember Ewing as a Hoya. Even though he was a rival of my team then, I got so much more out of watching him as a college player than watching him play for the Knicks.

It's nice to see his number retired, hanging in Madison Square Garden.

It sure makes me miss the days when I enjoyed the NBA, though.


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