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troopstrax update

Keith of GIParty.org redesigned the TROOPStrax site. It look incredible, don't you think?

Thank you for everything, Keith!

We are over $1200.00.

I love the entire world tonight, and that's not just the vodka speaking.


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So, when this becomes famous, do I get to go down in history with you???


Keith does nice work! I think he's done an mazing job with GiParty.

Michele You are Da Bomb!
You're All that and a bag of chips

But if the vodka was speaking, what would it say??

As someone who disagress with you on varying and distinct levels I think that site you did for the troops was an incredible gesture.

It's very cool, and a lovely thing to do and a good way for many who want to do something to be able to do it.

What's next, some books?

I don't know what kind of response I'll get- maybe none at all- but I've contacted KGB-FM here in San Diego to see if they will put the word out. The lead guy on the morning show is very pro-military. If there is any word, there will likely be some pretty good response because San Diego is a military town almost like no other- large parts of the Navy and the Marines are stationed here. Hope it helps.

It's my pleasure, Michele! A small contribution for such a wonderful celebrity. ;) Thanks for the compliments, Ith! :D I'm glad you all are liking the new design.