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You should be reading Chris Muir's Day by Day.


I don't get the "takes other people's oil" part.......

Ooh. That one's going up on the office wall.

Going through the back issues I said that a bunch of times.

"Sen. Clinton are you working on your new book?"
"Yes, it's about my fight agains the vast right wing facists."

"What's the title?"
'My Struggle'

"So... You're using irony?"
"I'm not getting you."

That's SO unfair (heh).

Michele, congrads, you overloaded his site and i got a 504. :-)

i'll try to go back later, maybe tonight. o.k., i'm curious.

i try to read Doonesbury ever since he featured a blogger, but half the time i forget to check it out when i'm on yahoo.

"I don't get the "takes other people's oil" part......."

The invasion of Kuwait, perhaps.

Heh. Joshua, I used to do that kind of stuff to socialists in college.

"So this socialist movement of yours is nationwide?"


"So it's a National Socialist movement?"

Funniest part is, only about half got it. F---ing 'tards.


It's a reversal of how jan views Bush as taking other people's oil(No war for oil,etc.)

Thanks for viewing!

Chris Muir