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who wants to marry a dictator?

I figured out how Fox can capitalize on the success of Joe Millioniare.

See, they can't actually have a second season of the show, because the "surprise" is already known and no one would sign up to be a contestant. So, new season, new twist.

Joe Billionaire.

The dude is suave and worldy. He has the papers to prove that he is indeed worth two billion dollars.

The girls swoon over this tall, dark and handsome man who needs a translator.

Of course, the twist revealed at the end is that he is a ruthless dictator.

Will the winner stay with him and share in his millions even though the rest of his country is starving and he regularly tortures people?

Or will she do a quick check of her morals and realize all the riches in the world are not worth shacking up with a man who hides anthrax in his basement?

I guess that all depends on whether the contestants are culled from the current crop of human shields or not.

Up next: Joe Multi-Millionaire: How good do you look in a suicide bomber belt, girls?


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That's freakin' hilarious.

"How good do you look in a suicide bomber belt, girls?"

Does this C-4 make me look fat? At least it hides my pot belly...

Got you covered on that, meet Joe Dictator

Wow, I had the same goddam idea a few weeks ago, with these little variations:

1. It's actually a black "celebrity human shield" comedy. Porn starlets and bondage flic chicks (the usual reality gals) flock en masse to Baghdad where they pirhouette before the mustachioed one.

2. As they are eliminated by his fickelness, son Uday takes them out back and rapes them, then has them carted off to sensitive sites to serve as "voluntary" human shields.

Too dark for Fox? Don't be too sure.

Uh, didn't some German chick go to Iraq recently for exactly this purpose?

actually, the buzz is that they filmed 4 different "Joe Millionaires" at the same time, so there might well be another one airing soon.

just what this country needs, huh.

Or (in order to parallel the original), the women are told that he's the dictator of a rich oil country, but at the end of the show they find out that the US ran him off, and he's penniless!

Better pawn those necklaces now, girls. Heh.

Sure, it can fill the time slot immediately following "White House Versus Celebrities"... Can you imagine? Kim Jong Il and 50 random broads?

Yer can suck Saddam's dic* if you wanna be a millionaires...