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even better than the real thing, pt. 2

In what will probably become a regular feature of this blog, reader Bill takes on another Ted Rall strip.

Remember folks, this is parody.

Click for bigger images

Ted's original:

Bill's parody:

Excellent work, Bill!


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He he he. Thanks, Michele. I like the parody.

If you guys end up needing a lawyer, I'll run the fundraising on my site.

Ha! Brilliant!

Now I'm all embarassed that I defended the guy.

Thanks Joe. This falls well into "fair use" though, so I don't think I"ll need it.

I have to admit, I've never read a Ted Rall strip before today, so I've missed out on knowing what most of the deal was there...but he gets PAID for that?? And, I'm just gonna venture a guess...MORE than I do??? That SUCKS.

Bill made a great improvement on the dialogue. The drawings still suck, but I guess if you changed that, it wouldn't be a Rall (Tall?)

Not only does he get paid for it, he wins awards for it.

Man, sometimes I think Ted Rall is in a "how low can you go" contest with someone. Just when I think he's scraped the very bottom crust of slime, he breaks into an even smellier, deeper layer to bring forth the 'insights' festering within.

Just for a moment lets forget the nonsense of the Rall opinion.

Is it just me or has the quality of cartoon art (particularly left wing art) just dropped like a rock over the last decade?

I mean at least Trudreau can DRAW.

My 11 year old draws better than this guy, of course he practices 4-8 hours a day and goes through reams of paper cluttering the house to the point where I have to get on his case to ......(I digress)

Perhaps it is a method of getting people to pay attention to the words, since the art is so poor.

Trudeau can't draw. Look at his strip, he's got maybe a half dozen stock characters, and the other characters that show up are pretty much the same drawings as the "lead actors," just with different clothing, hair, glasses, etc. And he draws almost everyone with the same half-closed eyes, always with a dark shadow to their outer edge, like the whole world is running around with ancient Egyptian eye makeup. I've seen better cartooning on restroom walls.

Dewey: I used to (20 years ago) like Trudeau. I think maybe he's gotten into a rut artistically. But I like Breathed better, and Watterson more than Breathed.

Excellent work on the cartoon parody, with one exception: the US did not arm Iraq. I challenge anyone to name a US weapons system in Iraqi inventory. (Iran, that's another matter :) )

aircraft; Soviet, Chinese, and French.
vehicles: Soviet and Chinese.
artillery: Soviet, Chinese, South African, and French.
And so on...

Ah, the watermelons exclaim, what about Anthrax and nerve gas!?

Iraq is an agricultural country (it's not all desert; check out an atlas). Agricultural countries have trouble with anthrax. It comes from cows and such. So the agricultural countries find it useful to have sample of anthrax on hand to develop ways to deal with it.

Agricultural countries also have problems with insects. They eat plants. So these countries want to build an insecticide plant in order to kill the bugs. Guess where nerve gas comes from? That's right: insecticide!

These are useful things to know when confronting watermelons. :)

(ok, so maybe the US allowed Iraq access to some satellite data during the Iran-Iraq war)

But, as I said, the rest was great.

If I may,take a look at a conservative comic strip at www.daybydaycartoon.com that perhaps addresses your viewpoint(s) mentioned here on your post!

Chris Muir

Casey, we're in exactly the same boat. I used to really like Doonesbury when I was younger. Even then, I cringed when Trudeau was at his most liberal, but I still enjoyed the strip often. Now, it's just gotten completely tired and constantly too liberal, with too few apolitical laughs between sermons. I also miss Breathed and, even more so, Watterson. Calvin & Hobbes may just have been the best cartoon feature in the history of the genre (with no offense intended to Chris Muir).

Chris, I just discovered "Day by Day" here, yesterday. I absolutely love it; it's fantastic! I have bookmarked the site and will be checking in daily for a dose of intelligent humor. And while I think Trudeau's artwork is tired and formulaic, I really enjoy your graphic technique just as much as the textual content.

Casey, it was more than 20 years. He was great during the Nixon years, still good during the Carter years.

In fact, I can pretty much pinpoint the day that Doonesbury crashed: the day Reagan got elected. I think Trudeau had a stroke.

Man, Rall really does suck. Usually, I can find something funny in political comics that I don't agree with, or at least understand why someone would find it funny or clever. Hell, Kahil had more punch in his antisemitic doodlings. This clown gets awards?