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someone beat them with a reality stick, please

Someone posted this story on Indymedia, perhaps in an effort to get people to think twice about who and what they are supporting by becoming human shields.


"It was my 30th birthday on the day my father and I tried with others to escape into Saudi Arabia. We were captured, taken back to Kuwait City and then placed in a camp beside an oil refinery to prevent allied bombing of key installations.

"We were made to work all day on cleaning duties, and given little to eat and drink. After three months, I was taken back to Kuwait and then to Baghdad. That was the last time I saw my dad. They moved him around and he suffered a heart attack and died."

She added: "The war can't come soon enough as far as my family is concerned. My mother never recovered from my father's death."

Hundreds of westerners - including everyone on a British Airways flight to India that had stopped to refuel and a seven-year-old British boy, Stuart Lockwood - were taken to Iraq after the invasion.

Most women and children were quickly released. French hostages were set free in October. German citizens were released in November, followed by Japanese.

The remaining hostages, most of them British and Americans, were kept until December.

Wendy Major and her father were real human shields. They were taken against thier will and forced to guard locations that were in danger of being bombed. They did not do this voluntarily.

They were moved between power stations, oil refineries, military installations and factories, as their captors tried to cover possible bomb targets. They were watched by armed guards at all times. Many suffered dysentery and some caught cholera.

The men and women that are in Iraq right now, posing as human shields, have no idea what it means to be just that. They are walking around Iraq like tourists, staying in hotels and signing up to guard hospitals, schools and homes of senior citizens; places least likely to be bombed.

Who will be surprised when these naive sympathizers of Saddam are taken by Iraqi guards and forced to stand by oil refineries and army bases? Who will be shocked when the first "human shield" dies at the hands of the Iraqi army?

No one should be shocked or surprised, and the only people who will claim to be horrified at this turn of events will be the human shields themselves, who refused to acknowledge that Saddam is a ruthless human being who cares little about the lives of others, especially westerners.

Charlene Coutre, an American banker who was held in Kuwait and Iraq for 132 days after refusing to leave her husband, describes the peace volunteers as thoroughly selfish.

"They haven't thought about the consequences if allied forces have to rescue them because they have been so foolish. What are they going to say to the families of dead soldiers who have tried to rescue them?"
Her husband, Stuart Williams, 58, was beaten with rifle butts and forced to eat from a rubbish-filled ditch at a Kuwaiti oil refinery before being taken to Iraq and placed at a military base south-west of Baghdad.

There, he said Iraqi forces tested chemical weapons on dogs by night.

"They're not human shields," he said of the volunteers. "They have no idea what it's like to be beaten, shot at or imprisoned."

Mr Eliopoulos urged the peace activists to support regime change. "If these people are concerned about the welfare of the Iraqi people, they should think first and foremost about what kills the Iraqi people; makes the Iraqi people suffer today".

And what is the leftist answer to this eye-opening story?

The lone comment on this thread reads as follows:

More CIA troll crap by Prescott Bush money man to the 3rd Reich 6:01am Thu Feb 27 '03 You really are a despicable low life aren't you.

When profits it thee to sell thyself for the entire world and lose thy soul?

But then again you have no soul, so you are beating the devil, aren't you? Enjoy hell.

Typical response in that anything that goes against the leftist point of view or points the folly of their beliefs is quickly deemed a CIA plot, a lie or propaganda.

They do not want to see the reality of the situation and, unfortunately, reality will smack them in the face with a 2X4 when they find themselves unwillingly guarding an Iraqi military installation and being tortured, starved and beaten in the process.


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What's really going to piss me off is when one of these "human shields" is killed and it's blamed entirely on Bush and our military!

What Beth said.

What's going to piss ME off is if this war ends WITHOUT any of these human shields getting killed.

What Spoons said.

And if there are no war crimes trials for the people who organized the human shield movement, I'll be REALLY PISSED.

The way THESE "human shields" are being treated their current problem is deciding between the duck l'orange and the foie-gras.

Hmm maybe I should take a vacation in Bagdad - fine dining, five star hotel, and the universe will explode for your amusement ....

Ford Prefect: Wow, what do you put in those drinks?!

Waiter: Oh no sir, you misunderstand.

Ford: I hope not!

From the Iraqi blogger http://dear_raed.blogspot.com/
A reader sent me an angry email a couple of days ago (not the reader who writes in the comments, someone else) asking me why I dislike the “human shields” so much, he/she actually asked “why do you spit on them?”. Ewww. Now I was never that unfriendly. I have not met any of them in person, which just might happen in the next couple of days, what I dislike is the idea. But since dissing them gets people so exited, here we go and do what [destiny’s child] don’t, “cause their mamma taught them better than that”, we be dissing the shields again on the internet.
One of the latest group to arrive in Baghdad, mostly Europeans, were welcomed to the Rasheed hotel , which is like the Waldorf Astoria of Baghdad, no other hotel is more expensive and exclusive. All of them were wearing T-shirts with what was supposed to be "Human Shields" in Arabic, but they had it all wrong it said "Adra'a Basharia" instead of "Duru'u Basharia" which got them a few giggles and a new name; they are now the "Adra'a" just to show how clueless they are. A lot of funny Arabic these days with all these HS's running around, a van with a foreign number plate standing near the ministry of information has "No War" written all over it in many languages the biggest in Arabic. All over the front of it is says "La Harba" which is wrong and sounds like a night club, my cousin thought that was cute. Anyway, what really got my goat this time was finding out that they get food coupons worth15,000 dinars per meal, 3 for every day.fifteen thousan.
Do you know how much the monthly food ration for a 4 person family is worth, for a whole month not per meal (real cost, not subsidized) ?30,000 dinars, if you get someone to buy the bad rice they give you for a decent price.15,000. What are they eating? A whole lamb every meal? Let's put this within context. Today in the morning Raed, our friend G. and I went for a late big breakfast we had 2 tishreeb bagilas (can't explain that, you have to be an Iraqi to get it otherwise it sounds inedible) and a makhlama (which is an omelet with minced meat), tea, fizzy drinks and argila afterwards (the water-pipe-thingy) all for 4,750 dinars, and we were not going super cheap. A lunch in any above-average restaurant will not be more than 8,000 dinars and that includes everything.15,000 thousand is a meal in a super expensive restaurant in Arasat Street, in one of those places that really almost have an "only foreigners allowed, no Iraqis welcome unless you are UN staff" sign on it. I will stop calling them tourist when they stop taking all this pampering from the Iraqi government. Did I tell you about the tours? Today was Babylon day. You are really missing it, the cheapest way to do the Iraq trip you have wanted to do but were too scared.
And I have a tip for all freelance journalists who are not getting their Visas. Join your colleagues. It's the best way to get past the visa thing, every third one of these "shields" will be writing an article somewhere. Hurry contact your local "war tourism" travel agent.
Sorry, I just don't get it. What are they doing here?
So, that should get me enough hate mail for the next couple of days.

When I was a teenager I used to do insane things that endangered my life.

Some of them were:

Strap myself to the top of a car, using belts around my wrists, then have the driver speed through "Dead Man's Curve".

Sneak into the "Safari Park" and wrestle the 4 foot iguanas then throw green oranges at the monkees. (Did you know that an orangatang can catch an orange and throw it back, accurate too, faster than you can get out of the way?)

Climb 200 feet up to the top of the watertower and hang stolen bicycles from the railing.

Jump off anything higher that the hood of a '62 Chrysler, into water, swamp or even onto dry land.

I wasn't politically aware, I was just stupid, acutely unaware of danger and "chemically augmented".

I think that describes these folks to a tee. The Human Shields must be smoking crack to let themselves be used like that.

I had an excuse, I was a stoned teenager, but what will they use as an excuse.

Well at least the orangatang got some exercise.

Charlene Coutre: "They haven't thought about the consequences if allied forces have to rescue them because they have been so foolish. What are they going to say to the families of dead soldiers who have tried to rescue them?"

Alas, Ms. Coutre. You and so many other entirely miss the point.

"Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort." U.S. Constitution, Article III, Section 3

Can't speak for other countries, but the US military has no duty whatsoever to rescue traitors from the stupidity of their own actions.

Truthfully, I don't even want to think about this. I've got very bad vibes about tonight and the rest of the weekend. I have been dreading this weekend for a few days now. I know that S is destroying the non-existant Samoud missiles and there's a summit meeting at Sharm Al Sheek. But I still have a feeling that this weekend might be the start of the big action. They've been bombing the communications relays, radar, and cable repeaters, etc over the past week to disable the Iraqi ability to coordinate any response to Allied action supposedly in the southern no-fly zone, but these actions seemed to have intensified this past week.