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nighty night, rabbit*

I have to get to bed. This has been an exhausting day.

Sorry for the lack of real posting, I will get back on track tomorrow.

Meanwhile, this TroopTrax thing is taking off like a rocket. Thanks to Kymberlie, the new site for the project will be located here.

Sorry to all those I left stranded on AIM. I left to do laundry and never came back.

Thank you everyone who made this day so wonderful. My faith in humanity and the genorisity and kindness of people has been validated.

* My favorite bugs bunny episode. Ever.


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Completely OT,but I figger either you or Parrot would know the origin of the catch phrase "Dingos stole my baby".I am brain dead.

I am neither Michele nor Parrot, but it's in the movie where Merryl Streep playes an Australian mother whose baby goes missing in the bush. A Cry in the Dark. Details at http://us.imdb.com/Title?0094924


Looks good. More tomorrow. Gotta runl.

TY angua

It was also used to great comedic effect by Elaine on Sienfeld.

Didn't the dingo EAT her baby?