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more updates and thanks

Can I just say HOLY SHIT!?

I never expected this kind of response at all. The best part is I heard from so many service people - active and retired - who offered all kinds of help in getting the packages to the troops. They love the idea of having music sent over.

A couple of thanks for the moment:

Heather, who is donating the cds she had listed at Half.com
Michael Santana, a musician who is donating 20 of each of his three cds.
Keith from GI Party, whose brain I am going to pick endlessly through this whole thing.
Glenn for the Instalanche that sent quite a few donors over here.
Robb Allen, for the fantastic logo:


And, especially, all the donors so far who (in just seven hours) have donated 600 dollars.

If someone can help me install a new blog onto my copy of Moveable Type, I would be forever grateful.

And I promise to get back to regular blogging tomorrow. Right now I am overwhelmed by the generosity of my readers and the blogosphere in general. Our troops are going to be very happy.


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I'd be happy to help with the blog thing. Send me an e-mail. :-)

What a great idea, Michele! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help ...

hey michele, very cool idea, i wish i could help. maybe i'll pick some fave tunes out and stuff and email 'em to ya. but i thought you might find this funny. Time to bomb Saddam

If you haven't gotten help with the blog, I can help too. :)

passing this on to my nephew, (who is god only knows where over there.) He is gonna love this! smiles

Hey, what do y'all think about anybody who's interested asking their local radio stations for help? I mean, whether you support the war in Iraq or not, this is a GREAT way to support our troops, and I bet people would really get behind it. Too much?

Brilliant idea! I'm not surprised you've hit such a response - I remember sending letters to British servicemen during the Gulf War. What about sending some stuff to the Brits as well?

I took Tracy's advice and sent an email to the highest rated radio station in Omaha asking for assistance. I'll let you know what they have to say.

Great idea, Charles! Gawd, we're so selfish, huh? :-), only thinking of ourselves! We really do need to garner more respect for Blaire and the Brits.....Blaire's been putting his ass on the line more than any in the coalition! He's part of a Parlimentary government and could lose his job tomorrow over this!

I feel so bad for Blaire because of what he has to deal with over there. He has my complete respect.

michele, I am so glad you thought of this, and was happy to contribute.

I remember Vietnam and the fact that people didn't separate their feelings about the conflict from the troops who did their duty. I think we learned a valuable lesson from that. The troops deserve everyone's support, regardless of opinion about Iraq.

I've got just over 2Gb of .mp3s free for the taking... Let me know how I can help.

Michelle: I am a Chief Petty Officer serving overseas, and this is really sweet of you.

With that in mind, though, I'd respectfully request you think about whose music you're buying after seeing this story:


I'm not saying go out and buy 500 Lee Greenwood CDs with the money you're getting, but I personally would not line the pockets of scum like this even if I DID like their music.

Just someguy saying thanks for thinking of us...

Too funny Keith, we're both in Omaha! Which station did you send it to?

How about whom to target?

My sister's fiancee is a Marine with a combat engineering crew. They're going to be in camps most of the time (building them is their main job right now) and so would seem like an ideal company to start with. I have all the contact information.

No way, Tracy! I've looked all over for blogs out of Omaha. I sent the email to Mix 96. They haven't responded yet, but I'll let everyone know when they do.

Just wanted to let you know I've linked to the TroopTrax site and I think it's an awesome idea. I'm having some money issues now but I will try to help if I can.

Try to remember that Hussein has always used and will most probably in the future use his oil profits to build a war machine to use on his own people as well as his neighbors.

What are we to do when Iraq begins to become a primary oil producer in the future?

America helped Saddam in the past to stop the expansion of the then USSR and to fight against Iran. Such dirty tricks were necessary during the cold war - unfortunately the young people don't realize this.

Try to remember that you can write your opinion here and (if you wish) demonstrate in the streets against war because others that were here in the world before you died for your right to do this.

Try to see beyond the opinions that have become the mode right now. I don't want war either. I'm working for peace in the world also. You can't have peace however, with someone that sees the wish for peace as a weakness on your part. In order to achieve peace with someone, you have to share a common interest in it.

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