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forging ahead with this

UPDATE: Heh. An hour's work and I got this far. It's slowly coming back, I think.

Working on making a separate page for the project. Whew, I cannot keep up with all the good emails!

Thanks to everyone who linked and everyone who donated so far. I put this idea up at 2pm today and I already have collected more than 300500 dollars! Plus, this band has donated 50 copies of thier cd.

I now have a name for the project, thanks to Michael Demmons -


As soon as I force myself to remember my HTML skills to get the new page ready, I will work on a button that says "TROOPtrax" in case you would like to use a button to link. Plus, I'll make up stickers to put in with all the packages.

So blogging might be a bit light tonight while I work on this project.

Again, thank you to Carol, who was the impetus behind this drive, and Stacy whose idea it was to use half.com, and everyone who has made what is going to be a time-consuming project totally worth doing.

And a special thanks to those soldiers who emailed me with lists of other things they could use besides CDs - though I have to say they sound really excited about getting a fresh batch of music.

Ok, onward with the HTML re-educuation.

Carol says we shouldn't buy any music on this list. Heh.


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I'm not being picky or anything like that, but how about "Operation TroopTrax".

Just an idea.

This is an excellent thing you are doing Michele. Thank you for taking the initiative and doing it. I dropped a little something in Paypal for it. Use it for CDs or goodies or any other things the soldiers want you to send to them.

"Operation TroopTrax" sounds kick ass!

Good suggestion Jay.

Just logged off PayPal and as tank gunners say, "On the Way!" Great idea. I can't imagine that the USO and the PX have a lot of what the kids want to hear. And, if operational tempo is what I think it is they've got no time to go. But, if I was a Morale Officer for a unit and got a big box of current CD's, I'd bless the sender.

Here's a logo idea (I can always add the "Operation" if that gets approved).

There, I added Operation!

Wow! I can't believe how great everyone has been!!!!

And the donating of the 50 CDs is so awesome!