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TupperWAR lady of the day!

Gretchen, loyal TupperWAR Lady, went in the kitchen and made me some pie!

Lemon meringue. A perennial favorite of mine... there's a wholesome layer of melt-in-your-mouth fluffy goodness, and at the same time you're exposed to the lemon filling: always with a sweet, good-natured edge, but always tinged with a little bit of acidic bite that makes you sit up and pay attention.

For this, Gretchen has been made TupperWAR Lady of the Day!


Gretchen owns! She gave me that same piece a few posts back. :D

I told her you deserved the whole pie though. That TupperWar post was classic.

Wheeeee! I'm a TupperWar lady!

Actually, in the spirit of TupperWar ladies everywhere I will be making my first pie (ever!) on Friday. What else could it be, but All-American apple? :)

Hi, first time surfing a blog and wanted to say hello