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on with it

What did I get out of Bush's speech last night, you ask? (I swear, some of you did ask).

Basically, this is what I heard:

To the Middle East: Quit it. Play nice, play fair or you are going to be really sorry when democracies are handed out and we skip right over you.

To Saddam: You are dead meat, buddy. In fact, you have already ceased to exist to me. Get the hell out of my way so I can get on with bringing peace and liberation to the people of your region.

To France and Germany: WhatEVER.

Basically, it was all just pretty words - nothing you don't already know if you read or watch the news every day. For those who were upset that Wheel of Fortune was pre-empted for the speech, well they were most likely surprised to find out that Bush wants to liberate Iraq and not blow the whole country into little bitty pieces.

I sense a movement in the force. Turkey is complying. The House of Commons is backing Blair. Russia is folding, France will follow and Bush gets his U.N. resolution.

Which really won't matter in the long run, because this battle started long ago. Now is the time to put up or shut up; to get moving with the real part of the war, stop with the speeches and addresses to the U.N. and just do it already.

By the way, did anyone really care what Saddam Hussein had to say to Dan Rather last night?


Dan who?

That Fox News article about the House of Commons backing Blair really cracked me up. Is it so hard to write MP instead of lawmaker?

The thing the British press have picked up on is the size of the revolt within the Labour party. With the largest opposition party (the Conservatives) being even more keen on military action than Blair himself, there was never the remotest chance of the government being defeated on the symbolic (rather than meaningful) votes that took place last night.

Everyone seems pretty much resigned to the fact that war is going to break out whatever happens (because there's no way in hell that Saddam is suddenly going to start cooperating fully with the inspectors), so this was more a case of people registering their dissatisfaction with the situation than anything else.

It also appears that Mexico is coming around to supporting us. I just wonder if they were offered the carrot (immigration concessions) or the stick (changes in international banking regulations).

in my opinion

Pres' speech: Dayum Dubbya yer singin to the choir here.
An I'm missin Vanna dammit.

Blather's propaganda...err I mean interview: Well Duh,
like I expected anything else?

For a tad more erudite analysis of the Bush speech, go here:

Sometimes you just can't get the insight you need hanging around Duh-town.

Thanks for the heads up Paul.
That thare was a right purdy reevuu.
But Shucks I figgered thets whar Govner
George...I mean President Bush was
headed all along.
Like I said around here he's singing to the