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bottom of the barrel

Donahue is pouting that MSNBC cancelled his show.

The legendary talk show host noted that "Donahue's" ratings were better than anything else in struggling MSNBC's prime-time lineup.

That's kind of like saying the dog-shit flavored ice-cream is selling much better than the elephant-dung flavor.


I'd rather be shot in my arm than my leg.

Some call Martha Stuart and find out if you can refreeze a corpsicle.

Imperial Falconer

Watching that crap is what made me start watching the soapies years ago. DOOL rocks over that garbage.

Dog-shit versus elephant dung icecream... Damn, Michele, I'm glad I'd already eaten before I read that.

I think I'll forego desert, though.

"Dog-shit versus elephant dung icecream"...LOL. Donahue was boring as snot.

I watched about five minutes of his show the other night when he had Rosie Odonnell on. I turned it in disgust. Between the two of them (And her big NO WAR! in black marker on her jacket), I wanted to puke. UGH. Good Riddance.

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