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Letter from Survival Camp

(This post made possible by Lisa and e-mail).

Dear Readers,

I miss you. I miss my blogroll. It's only the first day and already I am homesick.

At least with Moveable Type I can have the comments emailed to my work address so I still feel as if I have the comforts of home with me. But oh, how sad it is to read your words and see the link to your blogs in the mail and not be able to reach out and read you.

This no news diet is really hard. I'm so used to a steady diet of FoxNews, CNN, Opinon Journal...all those goodies have been banished from my daily routine now. I don't know what the latest stories are. I don't know if CNN has their bright red emergency bar up. Maybe Michael Jackson abducted a kid. Maybe Saddam has agreed to move in with Chirac. I feel so out of touch. Sure, we have printed news here. But the New York Law Journal just doesn't have the same feel as The Corner.

I know that on the other side of this silent internet connection of mine are people clamoring for boobies and ass. That makes me miss you even more. You all do so much to warm my heart each day with your calls for naked women and hard bodies, it's hard to go from 8 til 5 without that.

Well, the counselors are calling me. We're having a survival class now - Living Without Looking at your Stats Twenty Times a Day. After that, there will be a special intervention session for those of us going through Instapundit withdrawal.

Until 6:00, I'll be thinking of you all.

P.S. Send blog posts through email. Don't make me live like this. Please.


I'd think with all your web surfing (a/k/a Cyber slacking) cut down, you'd be getting off work three or four hours early.

The feelings of withdrawl are mutual,my dear.

So when 6:01 rolls around, will you stop thinking of us?

3:54....2 hours, six minutes and counting....

I feel for you. I'd go insane (well, more insane than I am already) without a steady stream of news to read.