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Hello Blogosphere. This is Michele's sister, Lisa, testing out this blogging thing. I may post pro-American, pro-military, pro-war, conservative views here from time to time. I hope you don't mind. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


Yes, Lisa, but are you EEEEVIIIIILLL? If not, we'll help!

First take the test
then post results
and we'll see

Ah, the evil twin.

Or, just the alternate personality?

Yeah, when she was little we used to check her head for 666. We still do.

This is so weird. One of my best friends is named Lisa Michele.

When does she go off on a boobie mission?

Hello, Michele's sister Lisa! Looking forward to the evil blackening of my soul!

Oh, yes, I would also like to throw a vote in favor of any missions involving boobies.

WTG Lisa You passed the first test
Now we need some mmm shall we
say Vital Statistics :ob

Oooh, did I just see Michele??? Bad Michele, bad!!

Hello, Lisa!!

Thank GOD, a conservative!! I'm behind you 100% - there aren't enough of us in the world!! Go for it!

Did someone say boobies?

Boobies and asshats for everyone!

Welcome Lisa. Glad you will join us and brighten our blogreading. We, Michele's readers, are not all crazy. Now the real secret is...oops, gotta go, the paranoids are after me.

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