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The worm crawls in
The worm crawls out
You can't stomach
What comes out of his mouth

Is it really evil of me to leave this as the top post all day? Because that sure is one creepy looking image.

Oh, I was thinking. I'd like to start honing my interviewing skills for future use. Any takers?


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We've already established that you're evil. We're just trying to figure out how evil you are.

Don't you know that secret government employees aren't allowed to be interviewed? Come on girl, read the manual!

Will you be the subject or the interviewer?As in media exposure or job app?

I will be conducting interviews.

I'm game. Just no creepy worm pictures. Centipede, yes. Worm, no.

I will, but you must allow me to have one of my people present to record the proceedings as well.

Rubber hoses?Bright lights?electrical stimulation?ooooh.count me in

Sure, I'll take you up on the interview thing. Not that I am a person of any importance whatsoever, but if it gives you good practice I'd be glad to help.

The slur-du-jour: "Chickenhawks" - and the hypocrisy of the anti-war left . . .

. . . are plain to see in this all-too-typical mean-spirtied smear/post on Eschaton. Atrios, like the rest of the anti-war left, denigrates all advocates of actual disarmament of Iraq via military action - which advocates are not present or former members of the military - as "chickenhawks."

So, Atrios: to advocate military action as part of foreign policy, a person must be a present or former member of the military? Otherwise they're a "chickenhawk"?

Wow. Great idea. Good thing we didn't apply that standard to - oh, say - Woodrow Wilson, FDR, or Bill Clinton. (You might recall that there was a wee bit of miltary action advocated and carried out by these Democrat Presidents - none of whom served in the military).

Are you saying that Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and Bill Clinton were all "chickenhawks"?

Oh, right - you guys are just Bush-haters. I was taking one of your arguments seriously for a minute . . .

(Although, you didn't really present an "argument." As usual, you just tossed out a mean-spirited slur, totally lacking any substance . . .)

how did a warm hearted post about worms turn into a debate about chickenhawks? people need to lighten up.

The image can be greatly enhanced by speeding it up.

Fair words break no bones...