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good for the goose

Just a little note to one of the drones at Indymedia:

You titled your post "Fleisher unconsciously urges presidential assassination"

Nevermind your use of the word unconsciously. I'll let that go. What bothers me is you refer to the potential war-related killing of Saddam Hussein as a presidential assasination.

Now, I don't know about you, but I would say calling Saddam a president is engaging in a bit a of semantics. He was not really elected so much as he was put into office through fear and death threats.

It's just interesting that you people refuse to call Bush the president because you insist he "stole" the election, yet when it suits the situation, you claim Saddam to be a legitimate world leader.

Just saying.


Peter Jennings had a short piece about the potential for assasinating Hussein last night. At the end of the piece, he said, "More on the assasination tonight on [20/20 or whatever show they air]".

I was yelling at Peter, "How can there be more on the assasination? There hasn't been one yet!" If people tuned in late, and only heard his last line, I can imagine that they were maddly hopping channels to find out who had been assasinated.

The rules against assasination are governed by a Presidential directive. All President Bush has do do is sign another one saying its OK to whack Saddam and, you know what, its OK to whack Saddam. He has already done this for various and sundry terrorist types who are now on the official targets list. You know those cool Presidential pens that are given out after signing legislation; wouldn't you love to have the one that sign Saddam's death warrant!!?

Well, you see, Hussein is a "legitimate president" because he had a real election, with only one party on the ballot, and no independent and powerful Supreme Court came in and settled a lawsuit on how the votes were to be counted, against the non-existent opposition's favour.

So obviously Bush is illegitimate and Hussein is a proper President. It's just common sense.

Plus, Saddam doesn't have an annoying smirk, or twist his words up.

Would you like sad as your father in law?

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a Civil Defense poster of Rumsfeld that says "If you F#@K with my country, I'll beat your ass with this shovel!" and I can't find it. Any suggestions regarding this or any other war support "propaganda" posters would be helpful. Those things are really good for morale over here in Korea.


LT in Korea