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are you pondering what i'm pondering?

People ask me, "Michele, where are those boobies that everyone talks about?" They also ask, "Michele, shouldn't we be holding a Boobies For War rally?"

And then I ponder those two questions. And ponder.

What exactly would a Boobies for War rally entail? And how would it help the cause, except for the obvious benefit of boosting the morale of some of my readers?



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I think there is a significant 'booby-gap' between the anti-war and anti-anti-war movements. Right now the anti-war people have all the boobies and are proudly baring them.

Something must be done to close the 'booby-gap'.

Michele, will you step up to the plate, and take one for the team?


"Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
"I think so, Brain, but this time you put the trousers on the chimp."

The origin of MonkeyPants!!!!!

Imperial Falconer

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind...

No, actually, the answer is because it's the GODDAMN USA, and WE CAN DO IT IF WE WANT TO.

How's that?

Should I have had less red meat for dinner? Maybe I shoulda cooked it a little...

I'm up for it

P.s. Do you know how hard it is to hold a @!#% camera AND your shirt up with your chin while take a picture of yourself.

Thank god my wife is in another room right now!

Boobies for War would give our blogreading soldiers (and you know they're out there) a reminder of just what they're fighting for - freedom. Freedom to live the way you want, where you want, doing what you want. Freedom to train for and perform the job you want, for who you want. Freedom to eat what you want, drive what you want, travel where you want - and the freedom to post pictures of your naughty bits online for all the world to see, if you want. Damn right. Besides, warbloggers and likeminded souls have to have boobies at least as hot as the ones on those anti-American nitwits always lying around in meadows spelling things with their bodies like "No War, Eat More Tofu" and such.

Michele, you post a picture to start "Boobies for War" for the guys' appreciation, and I'll submit the first picture for the allied movement, "Penises for Patriotism" for the ladies.

Freedom, by God. it's a beautiful thing.

Please ponder quickly, the suspense is killing us ...

I don't know, but when I read this, my first thought were those fem bots from Austin Powers and their gun boobs...

Boobies for war? I like the sound of that...Think not of what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country....

name the right one "War" and the left one "Peace"?

"If the left on don't getcha then the right one will"
-- Tennessee Ernie Ford

With all due apologies to Gen. George S. Patton and the 3rd Army...

Michele, et al, at ease Ladies.

Now I will not stand before you and claim that there is no ulterior motive in my adopting, neigh, advocating a Pro-War Boobies posture. I am a man. Like any red blooded American male few things move me more deeply, more passionately and more fully, than a really Bodacious set of Ta-Ta's.

Saddam has gained support from fifth column elements within the Anglosphere, you know them as "peace advocates". These "peace advocates" have found a chink in our armor. They are exploiting our healthy American libidos. They know that no true American could ever listen to the crap they spout and believe a turd of it. So when some poor, mis-guided, mush brained boy or girl gets near, they disrobe and - my God it makes ill to think of them, unwashed and unshaved - expose their boobies for "peace". I say again - they are baring their bongos to confuse the issue.

Now all the crap anti-war, pro-Saddam, neo-commie peacenick bastards have been spouting about Americans not wanting to fight, about the people wanting us to stay out of Iraq and avoid a war, well it's all a load of horseshit. We are Americans. All real Americans love the sting of battle. When you were a child did you play "Hide the Weasel up Froggy's Ass" or did you play "Kill the man with the ball"? Well the other team has just greased up a weasel, so do we bend over or do we take of our shirts and show them what sweater kittens really look like?

As children, who among us did not admire the strongest, the fastest, the most gifted athletes? We emulated them. We aspired to be them. We didn't snivel into our momma's skirts and cry about how unfair it was we weren't as good! We just tried harder. That's what Americans do, we try harder. The enemy's advocates have upped the ante. We know their sportin' a pair and it's time we called their bluff in the buff with our Bouncing Betties.

We are at war. We will need every resource for what's ahead, every man and every woman, every shoulder to wheel and every shoulder boulder to the fore, because this isn't just any war, this is our war. And wars are won with Teamwork. We have to live, sleep, eat, and fight as a team - showering as a team may also be required. Now those namby pamby pinkos like Max "Speaks to an empty room" Sawicky who talk about the deaths of innocents and the burden that the Iraqi people will pay, are shoveling shit against the tide. The bilious bastards who write that crap don't know any more about real battle than they do about a sock full of shit. We have the finest equipment, the best food, the greatest men of any army ever assembled. And now it is time, for the once and all, for us to show the enemy's advocates that our team has the best breasts in the west!

We have seen the enemy and they don't shave! We can smell the enemy because they don't bathe! Modesty in the service of the enemy is no virtue, Nudity in the cause of liberty is no vice! I say again, we must bare any burden, for the price of victory is ne'er so dear as the cost of defeat.

I happened to be in NYC during the anti-war rally. Unfortunately, I didn't see any boobies, other than the ready supply my wife likes to bring on trips. Well, and one other set, so I guess it was a good trip.

However, I did see that a lot of the protesters didn't seem to be American citizens. (Someone asked me, oh, they weren't white? hahah) uhm, no, they weren't speaking any languages commonly used in North or South America.

Pardon me if I'm skeptical about the two middle eastern guys carrying the don't attack iraq banner.

Remember, Michele, all it takes for peaceboobies to win is for warboobies to do nothing.

I'm pretty sure somebody famous said that.

All of a sudden my morale needs bossting.

Rats! I meant to say boosting. Damn typos. Too much thinking about boobies.

Noooooooooo, no boobies for war, that is far too much the same as the naked ladies for peace people. The Pro-War or Pro-Liberation of Iraq people are far above boobies for war. I say Erotica for War, it shows the pro-war lobby are above the anti-war lobby and we have class... You know I'm making sense... I think.

Now this is something I can get behind
or better yet in front of!

Michele bare to the waist holding a sign
"Bush should try THESE warheads first"


only down side is we could take a hit
on T-shirt sales

peace boobies ( .)Y(. )
Yeah! thats something I could
get next to

I wonder if we can get Grouchy Media
to do a video "Boobs over Baghdad


DAMN I got the whole thing backwards
DELETE TX Vet comment above

All I could think of was BOOBIES
all the blood left my brain

I plead temporary brain fart

Yeah Baby, Boost my morale!

Boobs have been done. How about an ASSassinate Saddam campaign? Mmmm moon pictures!

I don't know about boobies, but I think ass might have a useful function in the war on terror. I took the following rant [by 'Betsy Ross'] from Bruce Sterling's Zeitgeist, a novel released in November, 2000.
"I've seen these solemn sons of bitches in their Ayatollah beards. I went eyeball to eyeball with them. I know what they mean. They are fuckin' medieval. They're a bunch of friggin' tribal morons. There's not room enough in the world for me and them. If I'm gonna be all I can be, those fuckin' losers have got to shut up shop and go."

"It's not half enough just to nuke 'em--they've got to lose everything they believe. I know they hate me. There's nothing they hate worse than an uppity bitch. Bein' an uppity bitch, I got myself one truly effective attack--I strip down to my scanties and sit on their face. Just put my butt-naked ass right into their satellite TV screen, man. Just straddle their big, beardy, Koran-quotin' lips. That scares the shit out of 'em. They're brave, they can give a shit about air strikes from Russia or NATO, but this"she slapped her left buttock"this is the one thing they can't survive."
Link on 'The Comedian' is to a post with a longer excerpt

I just can't walk the middle of the road here. I realize this may lose some friends because this is such a devisive issue, but I can hold my tongue no longer.

I support total acts of nudity. I offer no apologies for it, and if you wish to call me a Pornmonger, Titzi, or Asscist, I will live with the label and hold my head up proudly.

I'm in also favor of the 'ASSassinate Saddam' campaign suggested by Keith.

re: asses for war



Michele, your post is so unfair!
how would it help the cause?!!!
None of the nudists/boobie for peace rallies helped their cause at all, yet you want a higher standard for pro war boobies!
Have pity!

I just got a letter from the USO. Raise money for the USO- entertainment for entertainment?

"What exactly would a Boobies for War rally entail? And how would it help the cause, except for the obvious benefit of boosting the morale of some of my readers?"

Our morale isn't the only thing it would boost!

If we paint our feet blue then top-half disrobe, we'd be blue-footed Boobies...