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who's killing the great chefs of france?

French Chef commits suicide after critics' attack

Personally, I think he got all bent out of shape about the Freedom Fries.


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damn. i suppose you never know what'll push a man...

Just couldn't stand the heat, I guess, so he, you know...

Oh sure, the French can't got worked up over Saddam's weapons of mass destruction potentially creating global havoc; but just downgrade one of their candy-ass restaurants and you'd think the world was coming to an end!

Aha! There's the secret to winning support from France!

Threaten them that if they don't stop obstructing in the UN, we will send of a elite platoon of dining critics!

Suicide is the ultimate "surrender", apparently the French have perfected the art of surrendering to it's logical conclusion.


Such compassion

Jeez, if I killed myself every time I lost a motion I'd be very very dead. Luckily, I can separate my job from my worth as a person.

John, I find it hard to muster compassion for the completely spoiled and arrogant.

I wonder WAS it suicide???
oooR did he accidentally uncover
an Islammigrant cell in the
kitchen making cheese bombs

I wonder if we could convince GaultMillau to drop Chirac's rating down a few stars...

It's interesting how little Americans know about the influence of the French upon their own history - especially when words like freedom, liberty etc are bandied about.


Most people kill themselves because they are sick (ie depression) and it's preventable. Having grown up with friends that have struggled with suicide makes me a little more sensitive to the topic. He seemed competitive rather than arrogant. Also, I see no indication of him being spoiled. He worked hard to get where he was. Unless you think all French people are spoiled and arrogant, then I can't help you.

It's the same way people constantly bash them as surrender-prone while totally ignoring their history. Ignoring how they fought off the Germans despite being hugely outmatched and took heavy losses. Those same people tend to paint the whole population rude while never going there and if they do, their attitude acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy. I've been there and found them to be very friendly and polite.

oh man
now i remember what i hate about french cooking
as a nyc caterer, i'm proud of the fact that i don't do any french cooking...unheard of..as you can imagine
but you see, i just don't want that kind of aggravation in my life
i want sauces,that i can abuse and bastardize and have fun with
i want food that is nutty and wild and can take much punishment without being ruined
and i never never never want to hold myself up to the
the hellacious scrutiny that is, french haute cuisine

i once got a bad review in new york mag
they said my pork chops seemed like they'd spent a week in chernobil
after that i renamed them chernobil pork chops
and they were a best seller
hot as hell as we liked them that way

you've got to laugh at life sometimes

There is precedent. In 1670 (I think) as Louis XIV was on an inspection trip to the border with Flanders, the Prince de Conde's chef was supposed to prepare the meals for the King's party. On a Friday the fish had not arrived. Since the meals had to be meatless this was an essential supply. The chef was so distraught and shamed by being unable to prepare a fish dinner for the King that he went into his room and killed himself with a sword.

Perceptions do not limit reality.

I have been a stranger in a strange land.