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shortened hours of business

Internet access at work will cease to exist - permanently - in a matter of minutes.

I will no longer be blogging between the hours of 8am and 5pm.

It's for the best, really.



oh my maud. first solly. now you. this blogworld of ours has taken a dive for the worse.


Hey. Sleep is for wimps. Blog all night!

An internal modem and NetZero will save you!


Wait. Someone's coming! GOTTA RUN!

you guys are so bad...lol i was wondering when you all would get caught. sorry to hear that you won't be doing it though.

that is kinda funny, why did they turn it off... did they just shut off outbound packets or what? anyway you will just have to take notes...

Shit, and they pulled my pirated cable yesterday and put a freaking PADLOCK on the box! Took 'em 9 years to get me, though. What did YOU do?

Hope it wasn't a matter of "getting caught" kind of thing... just think, all that time between 8 and 5 will let you really focus your blogging energy for spectacular night posting! :)


Eight hours a day without the internet? I'd fall asleep thinking it was night.

Well - if it saves the world some pro war comments - good! ;-) I was wondering already how you get your work doneby this amount you blog daily. I hope you are not been caught or have to face negative consequences?

Is there some sort of center where we can get help for our withdrawl symptoms? A Betty Ford branch for those addicted to ASV perhaps? Tom Ridge might as well raise it to Red now.

I guess you are just going to have to write that book now so you can write and blog at your leisure.

Surfing pr0n again from work, eh? ;) Too bad, I just recently stumbled upon your blog and enjoyed it. :(

I do hope that this did not result from getting in trouble. I do know that the net Nazis where I work would frown on such a thing. ;-) But restricting the internet from a bunch of computer programmers is not the most intelligent thing to do. Even if "intelligent management" IS an oxymoron.

Courtesey of the Wayback Machine:

"In a way, no internet connection at work is a good thing. Sometimes I think the less I know, the better."

Michele/A Small Victory ca.10/01/00

if it was anything about being watched or wasting time at work, throw this article out there - http://www.business2.com/articles/mag/print/0,1643,46179,00.html

No internet at work. Wow. That would suck. I spent a year in a cube and without the internet I probably would have resorted to drinking or something to get through the day.

I work from home now over a cable modem. :)

(Frankly, I don't really understand why most employers give their employees internet access - I've never seen it used for a work-related reason. But shhh. Don't tell anyone).

Actually, I was just thinking that if all my favorite bloggers stop blogging during my working hours, I might actually get something done when I am at work!

i hit the tip jar. have a tequila on me. you've given me enough to laugh about in the past month or so. best.

Shut up, Lilli.

Oh no! I've crushed dissent!

Was just taking a break and wanted to post here