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pork? porn?

I hesitate to post this, but what the hell. It's not like I have any standards left.

I emailed my co-worker Bonnie this morning and asked if she could kindly commence with sending me the usual Monday morning porn.

I guess I made a typo because this is what she sent:

(bigger: click)

Sure, it would be easy to just fix the typo and email her again. But no. I had to send her this (not safe for work, in some instances)

click for giant sized, though I don't know why you would

I think I have a future in pornographic comics, no?

No. Guess not.


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Eeee I eeeee I OHHHHHHHH!!

Makin' Bacon! Yeee Haaa!

Michelle in a porno, hee hee.

Okay, what's with the obscene use of a corn dog?

AND, unlike Aaron McGruder, you drew legs and feet. Plus, some kind of otherworldly penis.

If you consider this porn, you would probably find me very attractive.

I always knew that wieners were made from the worst parts of animals...

Porking the porker porn?
(Which, of course, would be pr0n if you made it out of ASCII)

He seems to be ramming that pig with a sausage.

A mixture between porn and cannibalism, almost.

Now THAT'S art!

Hrm... That pig seems to be happy, but the man does not appear to be enjoying himself. :-(