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told ya

How evil are you?

And I work for a company even more evil than AOL.

That's right. I'm a government employee.

via deskmerc, who is also pure evil.


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You may be evil, but baby, you got heart and soul in spades.

Evil enough to tell you the day that you are going to die.

(Tuesday, March 7th, 2028 for me. I've already made arrangements.)

I'm Neutral. How boring.


"Twisted" which is ok. I'd have prefered "Wicked."

Damn, it said I was neutered. Or neutral. Or something....

I'm so mad, I could...wait...nevermind.

Well Whatdoyaknow--We are the same in Eviiilllllnesssss! Come Pee in my garden.

Since when is Canada a "european" country?????

I want my money back goddammit!

::::evil snit::::

Oh. it was free. well.

I am NOT good.


I tried to get an answer of pure evil, but it didn't believe me.

How evil are you?

Did you know that you can say you're a mass murdering politician who eats people-meat and still get "neutral" as an answer? I guess you have to put down "lawyer" to get pure evil or something.

Neutral?? NEUTRAL???
I don't think so, GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!
Sniff, sob, sniff...
Michele, will you help me, and give me lessons in evilness? Puh-leez????
I WANT TO BE EVIL! I do. Really.
I can't even be evil. I am so, so depressed....

I don't have to take that test. I used to work for DoubleClick.

I got "pure Evil" without trying - I avoided all the answers that mentioned "evil". Maybe because I picked the job of executioner. . .

How evil are you?

Mwah hah hah hah hah hah...


Damn - I'm only neutral. Michele O' Evil One please help us poor neutral souls come to the dark side. BTW I thought Microsoft was the evil company par excellance.