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the joy of unsolicited forwards

Somehow I ended up on the Human Shield mailing list.

This priceless forward came today:

OK, everybody. I've got a really good action item for you. Bush has
just called for a retaliatory boycott of French, Belgian and German
products. So I think you see what's coming...

Yes, a really stupid idea.

I want everybody to go out and buy really a lot of French wine, Belgian chocolates, German beer, etc., etc. Eat, drink, be merry, give the stuff away. Have fun.

Ok, I'll bring the Rolaids.

Send Bush a letter telling him what a good time you're having. Email all your friends and urge them to do the same.

Hey, why don't you go whole hog and write the letters in French?

Let's start a huge nationwide anti-boycott! While you're at it, send GW
some nice imported German pretzels!

Eat enough French and German food and we'll be able to use bloated bodies as weapons of mass destruction.

If you stick to only using French, German and Beligian products, you better turn off that computer. Probably take off your clothes while you're at it. Hell, why don't you just get on the Concorde and fly your way over to France where you can wine and dine with the rest of the white flag brigade? I'm sure Jacques will think this little bit of activism is hilarious. Especially the part about the pretzels. Birds of feather and all.

This is activism I can get behind!

Speaking of behinds, Owen...

Nah, nevermind.


If Owen is so big on foreign investments, I can put him in touch with a former Nigerian government official who needs a bank account through which to channel $12.7 million.....

Is the "retaliatory boycott" story even true? I don't remember seeing Bush call for a boycott.

There is no way Bush -- or any American president -- could do any such thing. It's tantamount to a declaration of economic warfare.

gad, you're a snarky bitch.
that was beautiful.
wipes tear

Nous sommes fromage mangeant des singes de reddition

(translation - We are cheese eating surrender monkeys)

For Gawd's sake, don't show this to The Mrs.

Mangez du fromage de sous mon scrote, Monsieur Owan.

well, if any of those folks want to make a really big statement and buy me a porsche, I wouldn't turn it down...

I just want to point out that it wasn't me who wrote that. I prefer Rocky Mtn Chocolate Co chocolate anyway.

With more than 64.5% of American adults, or more than 120 million people overweight or obese, you'd maybe better eat some healthy Belgian/French/German food :)

I wouldn't turn down a good German pilsner! These people are really dense, aren't they.

support minnesota! we have one really good vintner and one really good chocolatier. and leinie, which i think is actually made in wisconsin....

fuck europe. splurge american.

When the hell did Bush call for a boycott???
I've heard other citizens call for one.

This is like all those dumb-ass celebs implying that Bush and/or the government has called them anti-American, when it's been other citizens!

Speaking of that, if the gov't was so into calling them anti-American, how the hell is it that Ari Fleischer can put up with that hag Helen Thomas every day?

Those people make me want to break stuff. Are we all in AGREEANCE here? :P

Busch made none of these statments!
Grow up1