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know what i mean?

Anyone remember NCAA basketball before they had a shot clock?

March Madness would turn into March to Madness as the team with the lead towards the end of the game would play keep-away, handling the ball in a deliberate, slow manner in order to kill the clock.

Just passing. Back and forth. Back and forth. A bounce pass here. An overhand pass there. It was frustrating, especially when you knew how the game was going to end anyhow. It was always unlikely the other team was going to steal the ball and, even if they did, there generally wasn't enough time left on the clock for those two points to make a difference.

You just wanted that final buzzer to go off. You know?


Come on, Michele, it's so much fun watching them pass the resolutions around, waiting for the buzzer.

Princeton used to do that the entire GAME. It was ridiculous trying to watch a game they played in because that's all they would do. They would take an average of a minute to shoot the ball.

It was one of the best rule changes ever made in the NCAA.

Why, it's like that's a metaphor...or something.

Carolina used to do that, too. Dean Smith's Four Corners.

Sometimes I wonder what you are doing in your office all day - now I know. You amaze me!!! :)

Unrelated topic - Where's the pig porn?

When Eddie Sutton coached at the University of Arkansas, he did the same thing.

Drove me crazy.

Ah basketball. It's like......

Watching paint dry!

Ralph gives too much credit to the game. Paint, when dried, can be very appealing. Any game where the final score is 99 to 97 and done in 2 to 3 point intervals just doesn't seem, well...sporty.

Then again, I like golf, so you can ignore me.


The shot clock is running, you just can't see the clock. When the buzzer goes off, boy, is it ever going to go off.

Hey, I'm old enough to have played D3 college ball with an experimental shot clock (that got removed the next season). I remember all the so-called purists talking about how it would hurt the game to have a 45 second shot clock and then the damage that would be done by changing to a 35 second shot clock. I say let's copy the women and have a 30 second shot clock and no 10-second backcourt violation. Basketball is the most fun to play and watch when the action is up and down; those that don't believe this: Get over it. It is a game of athletes and motion, not of skinny folk walking up and down the floor.
The women have been way ahead in respect to the shot clock. When I was in college and watched my girlfriend's (now wife) games in the '70s they were using a 30 second shot clock.

Basketball played correctly is the best team game. Elegant simplicity. Incredible complexity. Speed, strength, agility, skill, conditioning and TEAMWORK are all important. What's not to like? I've played nearly every sport you can name at some organized level; lettered in HS and college; hung my jock up before the shot clock. It's a definite improvement.