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quotes of the day

Sean was discussing the highlights from Friday, when he was giving Robert Kennedy hell for his "SUVs are the Devil" stance.

Caller: Sean, you should have told Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that Uncle Teddy
would probably be President today if he was in an SUV with Mary Jo.


This one comes from one of my least favorite people in Hollywood, Joel Schumacher (as in...do I have to watch another piece of Shumacher?)

I think people always think success in show business gives them the right to be moral political arbiters. I'm not in that camp. I think you can privately do whatever you want, but I'm always suspicious of how much ego is involved. I think the government will survive no matter what Ed Norton thinks of it.

I guess I'll watch Lost Boys tonight in his honor. It's the only movie of his I can watch without cringing.

Worldnet link via Rita


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Man I love Sean. We only get him for two hours but then they play the rest late at night. :(

Schumacher = ass

Lost Boys = cool

I don't know--Falling Down is pretty good.

Thanks for the link!

I don't watch enough movies to even know who this guy is. I just liked his last line about the gov't & Ed Norton.