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where are my sycophants?

People say the blogosphere is incestous and sycophantic like it's a bad thing.


Present ass, please. I'm all chapsticked up and ready to rock.

My sister agrees.

Sorry Kev, forgot my camera today.

Gave me an idea for later, though.

Yup, what Kevin said.

Incestuous and sycophantic? Just because we fall to our knees before She Who Must Be Worshiped?

Er... I forgot. Is my mom my sister? Or... damn, it's so confusing.

Michele is spelled with one 'L',
She gives the idiots hell.
She'll kicks moron ass,
from some place near Mass,
and we love her so well.

Sorry babe, would have commented sooner but had to get my head out of your ass first, and it was buried so deeply!
You'll always have at least one poutine-eating sycophant in Canada, y'know.

I can't even spell sycophant. Bite me.

Sycophant #402 reporting for duty, ma'am.

Your limerick this morning was especially inspired. Your coverage of the Grammys helped explain what I was seeing on screen (ignoring the fact that I watched "X-Men" and "Dragnet"). I find it objectionable that you were left out of the Four Horsepeople. Adult Swim rules. Never get rid of Lenore

I guess I need to practice, because no one told me there was a blog conference.

I'm so hurt [sniff]

Love Ya Babe, let's do lunch, have your people contact my people.

Ok, yah, I'm a total retard...Mickey WHO? And I care why?

You are clever and attractive. People admire you. You are known for your wonderful personality. You can create diamonds by squeezing lumps of coal between your perfectly toned thighs, and you have never had a cavity. You have x-ray vision and can leap tall buildings with a single bound, as long as you've had your coffee. You speak 57 languages and never have to loofah your elbows, and on your worst day, you could tear the ass out of an elephant. You don't really smell all that much, and your feet have high, graceful arches much like those of Donatello's David.

Wow, that's the most BS I ever pumped out while not trying to get laid.

You sure you weren't trying to get laid, Steve?

That was some good work. All complete fallacies, but good work.

You caught me. I guess I AM trying to get laid.

And you're in luck. Several of my skin disorders are in partial remission.

You are correct as usual, My Goddess. I'm sure of it! You are never wrong.

Thank you for validating my life with your presence.