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your silence speaks volumes

In a way Iím glad that Fred Durst was the only one to speak out against the war. Sure, Fredís monosyllabic gesture ďI want it to go away,Ē wasnít exactly Joan Baez material, but at least he said something.

Most of the stars are complaining that they were told ahead of time to not say a word about the war or anything political. Durst was the only with balls to stand up there and be a real dissident.

The point here is, all of these righteous, outspoken, in-your-face, louder than bombs protesters shrunk back from their dissident duties in the name of their careers.

Money talks, bullshit walks as the saying goes.

Itís a pretty sad commentary on the state of musical activists when Fred Durst is the only one who goes against the grain and speaks his mind. For the others, itís a case of whatís more important to them - not facing the backlash of the Grammy committee or speaking out on an issue that they claim is the most important thing going on in the world right now. Trying to save lives, in their words, or trying to save the space on their shelves for future Grammy awards.

I see how it goes. These musicians are willing to speak out and lash out until youíre their ass is on the line. And then itís every Iraqi child for themselves.

Fred Durst. Go figure.


I feel vindicated now. Watching "Junkyard Wars" and snuggling with Fred was apparently much more productive than watching the Grammys.

Hoo ha!

I actually commented on my site about Sheryl Crow on the red carpet with her diamond PEACE bracelet...and her guitar strap with NO WAR on it, but you could only see WAR.

I agree...they only protest when it is advantageous for them....true crusaders.

actually michele, ja rule, bonnie rait and the president of recording artists had stuff to say too. i kept count. ...lol

Operation Grammy Shield!

If you remember when Avril Lavigne did her number (and, My God, who could forget?), she held her jacket open at the beginning of it like she was 'flashing' the crowd. The camera stayed behind her. When she took her jacket off later on during the song, I distinctly saw the word 'NO' written on the inside of one half as she tossed it aside. I'm pretty sure she had the words 'NO WAR' written on the inside of her jacket.

avrils jacket said rock on. go here and look through the photos.

I dinna know they were on; blissful ignorance meant that I, like Keith, was instead captivated as American, British, and Russian teams attempted to build high-speed rock-climbing amphibious vehicles out of scrap parts. The Russians would have won, with their three-wheeled motocycle boat, but for that cursed broken chain...

Rock on? My mistake, then. I guess staring at all the eyeliner gave me temporary dyslexia.

Check out the last item here. You know, when Kid Rock is displaying the most intellectual heft in your peer group, you might have cause for some introspection.

Better yet: Durst, the only one to say anything when I was watching, was also likely pretty lit up. Unless he thinks the word "agreeance" actually exists when he's sober (wouldn't put it past him).

"...her guitar strap with NO WAR on it, but you could only see WAR."

Actually, you could see "O WAR," which leads me to believe that Sheryl is willing to be vocal (or, perhaps, legible) about her anti-war stance, but doesn't let it come before her bouncin' & behavin' hair, or that she's come completely on the issue, i.e, "O war...where art thou?"

Sheryl Crow: "I think war is based in greed and there are huge karmic retributions that will follow. I think war is never the answer to solving any problems. The best way to solve problems is to not have enemies"

Like wow man, you people are like going to feel all sorts of karmic retributions man. How does that make you feel?

Those poor misguided celebs... damned if they say something, damned if they don't.


I think it's ridiculous for the celebs to use the awards as their soapbox. I'm glad to have seen as little anti-war comments, would have been even more satisfied to have seen NONE. That's not the place for it, and to do so makes them look like the idiots that they are. I think anyone who used last night as a moment to make a stand was doing so to grab that much more of the spotlight - knowing full-well that few others would do so, and further knowing that their comments would make a splash.

Fred, Sheryl, Avril; they can rot in hell for all I care. These are certainly not the people I would be looking to for advice.

That's the wonderful thing about Free Speech Tom--nobody has to care what you think about what they say.
It's a grand country we live in.

Do you think he really...you know...in Christina Aguilera's mouth?

i think that the grammys were uncalled for. They should not have been held. And the people who spoke against the war should be ashamed. We should all stand behind our country and if we dont its because we dont know whats going on. Try watching the news you morons.