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why am i torturing myself like this?

NOTE: I am just going to add to this post instead of making any more posts.

UPDATE 4: (Yea, I turned the channel back). I have to admit, the Joe Strummer tribute is pretty cool. Only because I love Dave Grohl and Elvis C.

UPDATE 3: Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock, together at last. My brain just exploded.
In three minutes I'm turning this crap off whether it's over or not. I am going to wash the stench of this three hours of total crap off of my by watching Adult Swim.
Meatwad, save me!


UPDATE 2: What the hell is that thing? Oh my god, it's Aretha. My daughter wants to know if that's a portable pillow Aretha is wearing.

UPDATE: Say what you want about Eminem, I think he is incredibly talented.
Just my two cents.

Here comes the Bee Gees tribute.


Oh lord.

Hey, at least I get to see Timberlake's ass again.

Just remember kids, no one sings "I Started A Joke" like Mike Patton.

Does it make me a bad person that I'm not moved in the least by tearful tributes during award shows. Just get on with the program, already.

Please note: If anyone tries to tell me anything about what I am missing on the final episode of OZ tonight (I'm watching it tomorrow), I will hunt you down, come to your house, piss in your garden and eat your pets for dinner.

You've been warned.


they so butchered the bee gees. And I downloaded i started a joke by faith no more today. that so rocks.

I agree with the Em comment. On an unrelated topic - lets do nothing all day tomorrow but drink coffee and send graphic porn emails back and forth.

And that's different from any other Monday how?

On the other hand, the Gilmore Girls episode is pretty good.

I went to the Grammy's a couple of years ago. It was fun in person, but I can't imagine watching it on TV -- watching the audience is more than half the fun. The dresses that the girls were almost wearing... my jaw dropped to the floor and stayed there.

True - just thought if I mentioned the plans you would be enticed to come to work tomorrow! Your favorite "no war" talent was just on - sporting a J-lo hairdo!

"I think war is based on greed, and there's huge karmic retributions that will follow ... the best way to solve problems is not to have enemies." -- Sheryl Crow, Foriegn Policy Analyst and Karmic Nexxus

Did you see Sheryl Crow's guitar strap? Her hair covered up "no", so all it said was "war". I've got a screen-cap of it posted at my site.

That vid cap is hilarious! Sheryl Crowe, mental giant.


Jason: Chris Shiflett (aka "that guy who plays guitar in FF but isn't Dave Grohl") had a strap/message problem on SNL last night, except he got "NO WA" out of it.

Elsewhere, on topic: I didn't like Em's third album (the first was genius, the second a bit less so), but "Lose Yourself" is the best song he's ever done, and live with the Roots it was just amazing.

This is off topic, but I saw this at Bill Quick's and am so pissed I'm passing it on to all my regular visits:

"Some Maine Teachers Traumatizing Students of Deployed Soldiers

WABI TV reported Friday that the Maine National Guard Family Assistance Center has received about 30 complaints from children of deployed soldiers concerning Principals, Teachers and Guidance Counselors reportedly demeaning the role of their deployed parent. Some children involved are 7 to 9 years of age."

Full post can be found at:



You are an angel for suffering for us. Thanks for watching the crap so I don't have to.

WOW!!! The London Calling rendition was fucking amazing!! Costello was perfect for it.

Michele, did you ever hear that experimental album Mike Patton did a few years back, where he used different sounds made by his own voice oversampled and mixedd to sound like instruments? I can't remember the name of it now, but it was awesome. I'll have to ask my friend Rick - he's the one who owned it. He's just about the biggest FNM/Mr. Bungle/Patton mark in the world.

I don't have HBO, so I can't spoil your delayed OZzing. But you can come piss in my garden anyway. It is not frozen down here and I'm not gonna plant 'till after Mardi Gras. I'll even feed you beer to help you get ready.

Who were all those folks? They don't live on my radio--I listen to Rock & Roll and Space. I have a fair knowledge of Jazz and some Classical. & Who buys that crap that they are making? Maybe a rhetorical question--maybe somebody actually knows........

I named my site after a Sheryl Crow song, and I want you all to know that Michele helped me choose it.

Closet Crow Lover.

i on the other hand choose oz over the grammy's. we even had a party!

i won't spoil it, don't worry, but between the two i do beileve i made the right choice.

Melly, don't worry I own plenty of Sheryl Crow albums. I like her music. I just don't look up to her for anything else, just tunes.

I don't look towards many artists for much more than entertainment. Sometimes it comes from movies and songs, sometimes from wearing a guitar strap that says "War".

I haven't watched an awards show in years. I don't know how you can stand it.

Melly hypnotized me with her beauty. She's evil like that.

"If anyone tries to tell me anything about what I am missing on the final episode of OZ tonight (I'm watching it tomorrow), I will hunt you down, come to your house, piss in your garden and eat your pets for dinner.

You've been warned."

My wife's two yappy dogs will be chained near the garden gate. They will be sedated for your convenience. Please be my guest.

--Geno at the Tocquevillian.com

I caught Simon and Garfunkle, James Taylor and the Dixie Chicks during the first 3 commercial breaks in the NBC movie. (I'm a James Patterson fan.) Didn't press my luck after that.

I agree that Em is talented but incredibly talented, sorry I don't think so.
I don't know why I watched since I have not watched it in years but I guess the show had its desired effect since I went out and bought 2 CD's this morning, Norah Jones and Avril Lavigne.

I caught the last hour and a half or so. The Pain. My eyes! (My ears -- that microphone hum caused Robin Williams to flub his jokes. Sad.)

And too bad. I was hoping for some really juicy antiwar stupidity, and instead I got to see the spectacle of cowed, bored pop stars. Pathetic.

I can't believe Beecher and Schillinger got married. It was kind of a curveball, but it makes sense when you think about it.