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fred durst is still alive??

It had to be Fred Durst. He had to be the first person to say it.

"Ohh...we must make the big bad war go away."

Hey, looks like someone made your career go away, Freddie.

Punk ass bitch. What do you expect from a guy who follows Britney Spears around like he's about to sniff her ass?

My animosity towards Fred goes back a long way. This is just one other thing to add to it.


Durst's comment was classic: "I hope we're all in agreeance ..."

What? "Agreeance?" What is an "agreeance?"

Durst should learn English before he starts criticizing foreign policy.

I agree, or should I say: you and I are in agreence...but why was Fred even invited? Thats the real question.

Well, I have to register my disagreementation with your grammaxial correctifying.

Fred Durst is understandishably angriated vis a vis the conflictations in the Middle East.

Somebody with a bit of time on his/her hands should compile a list of these treasonous pukes. With that list in hand, we capitalists can hit 'em where it hurts.

No, no, no! Somebody long before that said,"This war should just stop".


that has the best list I've seen so far...scroll down.

I. Hate. Limp. Bizkit.

Always have, always will.

Fred Durst is one of the biggest posers out there in the music world. I wasn't surprised that it was him who had to bring up the war. But serisously Fred, you are giving Tyson a run for his money in the "pretending I am smarter by using large, who cares if the aren't real, words!"

Then to be followed by Sheryl, still hot, Crowe with her "No War" guitar strap and her big bling bling peace sign. A little hint to the hottie tho....next time, make sure your hair is tucked behind your shoulder so we can read you gutar strap.


People defend Fred Durst for his antiwar sentiment, but we should stop being politically correct and fess up to the fact that people stupid enough not to have learned English by his age have no credible view on politics.

Agreeance is a real word so apparently you don't know your english language. I am an english major and its a word its not widely used but it is a word. That show he is intelligent. He is because he made a company from people hating him.

MR. F YOU is a fool. I am certain he is flunking all his English classes (that is, if he is REALLY taking any classes). Agreeance is not a word, yet he wrote:
"I am an English major and its a word its not widely used but it is a word.
Ok, MR. F YOU, I have some words for you - USE COMMAS!
Perhaps, he is drunk.
He goes on to say in his explaination of Mr. Durst:
"That show he is intelligent"
Yeah, MR. F YOU, unfortunately that goes to show that you are not.
Perhaps the worst blunder MR. F YOU makes is when he is describing Fred Durst's intelligence in the following way:
"He is because he made a company from people hating him."
What does that mean?
That last atrocity doesn't even BEGIN to make sense. What exactly is he trying to say?
I am not a serious fan of Fred Durst, but we all make mistakes in language. I am, however, a fan of the English language, so stop butchering it MR. F YOU.
Don't pretend to be something you are not.

Here's the link mentioned above:

Anti-War List