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come experience my dark muffins

No less than ten emails from people crying that Lenore was gone.

And thus, Lenore - as always - returns. Creepy little girl, ain't she?


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Did you hear Fred Durst? We have a winner...lmao

Most of the Lenore comics have been transfered to flash animations and are available at www.screenblast.com/lenore

If you look in your internet cache you can fish out the flash animations after you've watched them (you watch flash by dropping it on a browser window). Then you can save them and watch them full screen, if you like. If you've got windows 2000 your internet cache will be in a hidden directory:
C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

Roman says that an animated series should be out in a year or two.

They did have to change her character for the animations a little bit. She speaks in complete sentences and does little Dexter's Lab and Cartman imitations.

I absolutely love Lenore! Thanks for bringing her back!