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do you think Glenn has a leather steed?

It's time to wield the blog
For now you have got some company

Inspired both by Max's insipid comments and Russell's addition to the Photoshopping brigade on the subject, Bill Quick has started a Photoshop The Four Horsemen contest.

Yea, but who is going to get started on the Four HorseWOMEN? Or is that horsepeople? Or just Demon Wenches come to kick your ass and make you see the light?

One of them should be holding a 2X4, of course.


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» A Small Victory: "Inspired both from WE ARE HUGH
A Small Victory: "Inspired both by Max's insipid comments and Russell's addition to the Photoshopping brigade on the subject, Bill Quick has started a Photoshop The Four Horsemen contest." [Read More]

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Well, not horsewoman, but more appropriately a Fury:


We've got a full blown meme on our hands. What hath I wrought?

i am not really sure but, i do enjoy wielding the blog

The Maxspeaks dude isn't taking it well. He opened up the thesaurus to prove he is not is not IS NOT a sexist! So there! And he is an even more inept graphic artist than I am.

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