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they're worth 100 points each!*

A coalition of human shields gathered in an Iraq hotel yesterday to choose the spots in which they would most like to die.



They should have talked to Rummy first. He would have equipped them with GPS locators and assigned them proper targets to "shield!"

Blow 'em up now or waste a whole lot of taxpayer money on trials for Treason.

Let's get started.

My favorite part...

"For Ben, a 25-year-old American, there's a lot of work to be done. "We have no plan. We don't have an organization. We don't have a leadership," he admitted at the opening of a first war council of the "human shields" who have come to Baghdad, reported Agence France-Presse (AFP). "

No plan, no organization, no leadership.


Yes they are JAFO.

"Their ambitions run high. They hope to prevent thousands of tons of U.S. bombs raining down on Iraq at the launch of any campaign to (allegedly) overthrow President Saddam Hussein for allegedly concealing banned arms programs in defiance of the United Nations. "

"(allegedly)"!!!!! Bwahahahaheee

I'm sure their deaths-by-JDAM will be allegedly collateral and very allegedly unfortunate.

Death Race 2000 is the best movie ever made.


Problem is that they are going to hang out at places we aren't going to bomb. Hospitals, water treatment plants, etc. Then when they don't get killed they claim victory for their cause. Saddam should show his true stripes and chain 'em all to a SCUD.

This article sounds like it should be in "The Onion"!