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what i like about you (and america)

Remember how I said Solonor was going to do something will all those "What's Not to Like About America" comments?

solly.gifWow. He went above and beyond. He made an entire page devoted to the links, comments and things we all love about each and every state.

He gave each state its own separate post, with comments open so you can add anything else. He also put the state flag on each post.

Solonor, this is one of the reasons I adore you. You know how to do things right. Thank you.

I don't think it would be asking too much to ask each and every one of you to link to Solonor's efforts and add your own comments if you haven't joined in already.


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'twernt nuthin.

And ignore those timestamps...that's just how I got the posts in the order I wanted. I did NOT do this at 3am!! :)

Oh man. I got all verklempt reading it. Excellent work!

dat's grooby you's two's.

Wow, he's great!

Linked in two places ... in the main posts, and in the rarified air of the "BEST OF SHOW" section (next to the only other entry, Bill's "Courage").

Very cool! I'm gonna have to find stuff about states I've visited now to add on. Not just the state in which I live. Wonderful stuff.

beautiful sol...just beautiful:D

I am impressed. If I had as much readers thank you have I'd try the same about the old Europe, but I fear there would not be such a diversity and such a love in it.

There was a tiny article on just that topic, on bbc.co.uk the other day, full of nifty comments too.

Thanks, Solonor and Michele - I've added you in several places. I thank you, and the Volunteer State thanks you.

On behalf of the Silver State, this Nevadan thanks you both. :)

I would like to see some pages like that for people in other countries to post what they like about America and Americans.

Here are some examples:

"what I like about Americans is their willingness to learn . . ."
- Mukeba Lufuluabo

"What I like about Americans is if you ask their opinion, you usually get it."
- Steve Gibson

"One of the things I like about Americans is that they're so genuinely friendly."
- David Sanderson

"One of the things I like about Americans is their exuberance."
- Andy

"What I like about Americans is the fact that they basically have a more positive attitude to life."
- Paul Meier

"What I like about Americans is that they are always so relaxed."
- Tadeusz Dominik

"What I like about Americans is their inquisitiveness."
- Richard Willis

"''What I like about Americans is that they take pleasure in their own work"
- Roman Dolzhansky

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