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bad cloud rising

I've spent the last twenty minute staring out of my office window, watching a black cloud drift across the sky.

Apparently, an oil refinery on Staten Island exploded.

The cloud resembled a mushroom at first. Good thing I'm not the type to panic.

Hey, did anyone see my duct tape?

Yea, I have no life. I take pictures of smoke.


I have your duct tape. I'll bring it back later.

That kind of thing happens down here nearly every week. Grow a pair and get back to work.

Oh, I'm not scared or anything. Just another diversion to keep me from actually doing work.

Is the smoke behind the dark cloud thingy?

I knew you'd have pictures. Michele, Reporter to the Masses.

The cloud takes up a huge chunk of the sky from my view here at work in Fords, New Joisey. I took a picture of it as well.

Someone told me that it wasn't a refinery, that it was actually a barge that was refueling. Apparently they was wrong wrong wrong.

oil refinery explosion....did I just hear the price of gas go up another 10 cents?

sigh I wish I could be as lighthearted about it as you folk.

Ooohh i was wondering what that was. i saw something flaming in NY on the news, but then they went back to talking about the club in RI that burned down, so i never found out what it was.

wow, even the black and white camera footage of the explosion on CNN tonight was nasty looking.

While tankers dont explode all the time, gas vapors are more inflamable than a tanker full of liquid gasoline. I'm not gonna point fingers at terrorists immediately on this one until human error is ruled out.

I have no life, and I don't have anything interesting to take pictures off - how sad does that make me?

yeah i discovered the black cloud while i was on my way over the 59th street bridge
talk about a "911" flashback
oddly the only thing i ever do in staten island is visit
a jewish cemetary there
so as terrible as this sounds
i always associate staten island with death

when i saw the smoke
i was like
"Big Death"

its a weird ass world these days