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station break

I'm feeling stale and repetitive.

Barring any breaking news that warrants my need to shout my opinion to the world, I am taking the day/night off.

Links are over on the right hand side, towards the bottom.

If you make coffee while I'm gone, please clean the pot when you are done. Thank you.

Nevermind. I have no will power.

Give me a few minutes.

But the part about the coffee pot still stands.


Clean the coffee pot? Sacrilege! That's just robbing flavor from the next pot of coffee.

Just put a sign next to the pot: "Please clean up after yourself. Your mother doesn't work here."

A clean coffee pot is a happy coffee pot.

Or at least the people sharing in said pot would be happy if their coffee didn't have any extra additives.

He he, poor you. Maybe this gives you something to write about?

"...if their coffee didn't have any extra additives."

Those are flavor crystals!

And Michelle: the only thing you can't resist is (blog) temptation, eh...?