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one more

I know I was supposed to put up more posters tonight and do something with the "What's Good About America" posts, but Mr. Headache has decided to come and play.

I did have this post ready to go, so I guess I'll use it, even though Joe ran all the way home from school to try to beat me to the punchline.

The Department of Homeland Security Presents:

Tips for a better way to face your inevitable death in the wake of a biological attack(the second in a series)

Tip #3

texass.gifResidents of Texas should be on alert for large, red circles hovering above them. Residents that live in the Houston area should take shelter at once, as the red circles indicate that a radioactive cloud of gas has been let loose by the enemy known only as Nardo. While we do not know much about this terrorist, we do know that his owner is Amish.

While the red circles are a sure sign that Nardo has let one loose, it is probably too late at that point to do anything but hide your head under a thick blanket and wait for the deadly odor to pass.


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Oh, sure. Focus on the one with the big Texas on it while the one with the Missouri gets off easy. ;)

It's a regular Amish crime spree lately, don'tcha think?

Nobody brags about being from Missouri.

I brag about being (far) from Missouri.

The floating sign over Texasseems ripe for ridicule, as Davezilla has also parodied it...