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banana meltdown: a ready.gov dessert recipe

The Department of Homeland Security Presents:

Tips for a better way to face your inevitable death in the wake of a biological attack(the second in a series)

braje.gifIt is important that you keep bananas, tin foil and marshmallows in your car at all times. If you see an explosion off in the distance, drive towards the flames. As you get close enough to feel the heat, stop the car. Take the tin foil, line it with marshmallows and lay the banana down on top of the marshmallows. Roll up the tin foil. Following the diagram to the left, shake the rolled up foil up and down a few times in order to make sure the marshmallows are evenly distributed. Put the car in gear and drive a little closer to the site of the explosion. When you are close enough to feel your skin searing, get out of the car and walk towards the bright light. It may hurt at first, but everything will be made better by your toasty banana marshmallow treat. As the radiation begins to melt your skin, slowly peel the tin foil off of the banana and enjoy your gooey treat as you welcome armageddon.


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I wanted to use that one but couldn't make the rhetorical leap between the e-brake and viagra.

Wow, thats demented yet surprisingly entertaining

That's just so wrong! And yet I'm laughing out loud. Hmmm... what does that mean I wonder?

Ya got a s'mores recipe?

Imperial Falconer

Funny shite! That pic is from the owners manual of a five series with a manual transmission.


Darn it, I look to the government to hold my hand in these matters. The instructions are incomplete. Do I peel the banana?

Oops, left that part out.

Peel the banana before placing in foil.

Throw banana peel out window, thereby posing a serious risk to any terrorists who may come after your government-sanctioned dessert.

Remember, BE the banana.

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