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daniel pearl, one year later

Tomorrow will be one year since we learned of Daniel Pearl's murder.

Daniel's father writes:

Danny was killed because he represented us, namely the ideals that every civilized person aspires to uphold--modernity, openness, pluralism, freedom of inquiry, truth, honesty and respect for all people. Decent people of all backgrounds have consequently felt personally targeted in this crime, and have been motivated to carry on Danny's spirit.

Back in July, I participated in the 24 hour blogathon, with the proceeds going to the Daniel Pearl Foundation. There were 36 sponsors who pledged a combined total of $743.00

Make no mistake about it, Daniel Pearl was killed because he was Jewish, and he was killed because he was American. He was a victim of a hatred and ignorance that has been spread so thickly throughout the world that we are often crushed under its weight.

Ther are countries where children are raised to spit on those not like them. There are people who teach their children to despise, to look down upon and to kill those who do not think like them. We canno expect the world to be rid of this ignroance and barbaric behavior until the world is rid of those who teach it, or until we can somehow stop the cycle of violence that comes with these sickening lessons.

In the one year since Daniel Pearl was murdered for being a Jew, the world has become more divided, more polarized. We are fighting with not only those who are not like us, but those who used to be our allies, our friends.

There is something I quote each time I bring up the subject of raising our children - our future leaders - to be kind, humane and loving people.

You've got to be taught to hate and fear You've got to be taught from year to year It's got to be drummed in your dear little ear You've got to be carefully taught.

You've got to be taught to be afraid
Of people whose eyes are oddly made
And people whose skin is a different shade
You've got to be carefully taught.

You've got to be taught before it's too late;
Before you are 6 or 7 or 8 !
To hate all the people your relatives hate.
You've got to be carefully taught.....
You've got to be carefully taught.

written by Hammerstein; from "South Pacific"

Mr. Pearl also wrote these words today:

Not surprisingly, our unguided world has seen an alarming rise of anti-Semitic activity in the past year. Tens of millions of Muslims have become unshakably convinced that Jews were responsible for the Sept. 11 attack....And on the sideline, while these flames of hatred were consuming sizable chunks of the world's population, traditionally vocal champions of antiracism remained silent.

Remaining silent makes you just as guilty as vocalizing hatred.

I am not Jewish. I have no religion. But still, I am horrified by the treatment Jews receive around the world. And I am still shocked, though I should no longer be, that children are raised in a culture of hate; they are taught day and night, week after week, to hurt, degrade and kill Jews, as if it were a noble deed to do so.

What kind of religion places so little value on the life of others? Certainly not a religion of peace.

Today I remember Daniel Pearl and in doing so I remember every person who has been killed because their murderers were taught that to bring death upon a Jew - or anyone whose humane beliefs vary from their own - would bring them martyrdom and gifts from the heavens.


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michele, thank you so much for what is essentially a eulogy for all the jews whose names we don't know who have been and even today are still hounded, hated, and killed.

I am not jewish either, but history teaches that whenever it is permissible to hate one group of people, that list is likely to grow. If we do not speak up for the Jews now, who will speak for us when our names show up on the list of "people you are allowed to hate."

The poem by Hammerstein, sends shivers down my spine, because in places that is a truth. Children are taught to hate those that are not like them; they are taught that in killing those that are different then them, they will reach a better place. Who are these people that are so sick and twisted as to teach their children that hatred, racism and bigotry are to be valued above anything else?

What has happened to human compassion, to acceptance and the idea that we are to be treated equally no matter what our background?

I have seen so much anger and hate this world, and no it is not limited only to one specific region. I have seen children abandoned, orphaned, because their parents were tortured and killed by neighbours that were once considered family. It tears at my soul and leaves me wondering, if we will ever get pass this.

Thank you for this. For showing the anti-semitism that I cannot convince others exists. Scares the hell out of me on a daily basis.

You know, I was actually kind of moved by this article until you put this part in:

What kind of religion places so little value on the life of others? Certainly not a religion of peace.

Painting all Muslims with the same broad stroke is just as wrong as painting all Jews with the same broad stroke. Anti-semitism is wrong and being anti-Islamic is also wrong. There are bad people in this world and they come in all shapes and sizes..some are Muslim, some Jewish, some Christian, some Hindu, etc., but most of the people in this world are good.

every day thousands of people are killed because of hatred from all nationalities and religions. some of them are not lucky to have foundations set up.
cruel killers are among muslims, among jews and among christians. the only difference is they all do it in a different way